Do you really need this? The UKs first Sauna Etiquette Poster


I got an interesting press release telling me that the UKs first Sauna Etiquette Poster had been released. I was interested because Spas are still a new thing to me. (As my mother would say, Pampering?! Waz that?!). I still sit there like a fiddly schoolgirl, wondering if I keep my pants on or take them off, bra on or bra off, or am I supposed to have my hair down or have my hair […]

Yay or Nay? Losing weight and Joining Slimming World


It seems to me that quite a few of my readers and also other bloggers have lots tons of weight by joining Slimming World. Let me tell you know that the idea of anything like a slimming club complete with weigh ins scare me! I’ve never ever considered it before until now… It’s great hearing about what real women have managed to lose by joining a club. According to their website I can lose 10 […]

Randomness No. 5: Beauty Yay or Nay: Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Glittery Make Up


Sophie Ellis Bextor is certainly a very unique looking woman, although her jawline reminds me of Quagmire. She tends to wear quite bright, funky eye make up too – but what do you girls think of her latest look? I adore glitter, and she has a great cat eye shape for a lot of make up looks but personally, I think they gold all under the brow is overkill. What say you?

Yay or Nay? Jessica Simpson Nude on the cover of Marie Claire


There have been a few of these types of covers in the past, but here comes another one – this time its Jessica Simpson on the cover of Marie Claire WITHOUT make up. Apparently. I have nothing against Jessica Simpson, other than the fact that one morning, a long time ago, one of her songs woke me up (I use a radio alarm clock) and I thought I had died of asphyxiation during the night […]

First Look: Yaby Best of Both Worlds Eyeshadow Palette


At IMATS I bought this Yaby Best of Both Worlds eyeshadow palette – supposedly with a mixture of both brights and neutrals in one place. Yaby pricing is a little strange. On one hand the little pans, when bought individually are inexpensive. The empty palettes (you can mix and match items) are inexpensive. The base products seem quite inexpensive too. But then these pre-made palettes aren’t cheap. The show price for this was around £65. […]

Beauty Yay or Nay? Little Girl in Make Up aka Noah Cyrus


Little Noah Cyrus, Miley’s 10 year old little sister not only wears what seems to be a full face of make up, but also dresses like a older lady: I think Noah is too young to be wearing clothes like that with matching fishnet tights (fancy dress, you cry? Well what is she going dressed as, an exotic dancer?) and to be wearing a full face of make up – a glitter gel (applied badly) […]

Beauty Yay or Nay? Bradley Cooper and his Uneven Fake Tan


Bradley Cooper, one of those actors who I can’t associate with any film of any substance appeared at the Valentine’s Day (The Film!) premiere the other day looking like….well, what is it?: Oh let me guess, it didn’t look like that when he left the house? Some people suggested that this wasn’t fake tan, it was just that he got a real tan and the sun didn’t reach the beardy bits. I would suggest that […]

Beauty Yay or Nay? Cheryl’s Bee Stung Lips


I don’t know many people Cheryl Cole doesn’t annoy, apart from…well, me. But anyway, the Daily Mail suspect Chezza, despite being a very beautiful girl has had a touch of the collagen lip: It definitely looks a lot thicker, especially her top lip. Could it be plumping gloss? My lips swell up like crazy if I use Lip Venom (never again) or eat Chilli. Chezza doesn’t need lip plumping, if she has actually done it […]

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