Oh Dear: Clairol Nice ‘n’ Easy Easy Blend Foam in Dark Brown Review


I had a hair-mare this weekend. This is not the first time I had a hair-mare…but it began when I decided to throw caution to the wind and try the new Clairol Easy Blend foam dye in Dark Brown… A small picture because I don’t like you. I wanted to go dark because my hair was starting to look a bit brassy. I thought it’d calm down the overall ‘lunatic’ look I was sporting too. […]

Cringing at the Counter: When The Boss Goes Bad


So I was shopping at Muji yesterday, one of my favourite places to buy things and was really peeved when I realised all the staff had changed over and the new guys were the archetypal nightmare shop assistants; ignorant, unhelpful, disinterested. That got my thinking all about my experiences in retail as a customer and when I was younger, as a shop assistant. God knows some nightmare customers exist but one thing I found from […]

Compare and Contrast: Vaseline, Skin Lightening Creams, Facebook Apps and Shahid Kapur


Vaseline have launched a Facebook application for their range of skin lightening creams targeted at Indian ‘metrosexual’ men, which lightens half the face to show how much fairer they can look. This has of course caused much fuss: The vehicle Vaseline have used is wrong. To have something as trivial as a Facebook App to show you how much ‘better’ you look with ‘lighter skin’ reduces something that is quite serious and a big commitment […]

Tragic News of the Day: I’m allergic to…….Chanel Eyeshadows!


I love Chanel make up in general – who doesn’t? But I had some make up done recently with a Chanel Quad, and boy did my eyes water and water. Then I remembered that I went through another phase when my eye used to just water every morning, and it was every time I used my Chanel Nymphea Quad! So I tested my theory and yeah – I look like a cry baby. Tragedy! I […]

Barry M’s Pink Flamingo Nail Polish did THIS to me….


I have gotten into nail polish lately – not that I have a choice, since my nails were badly stained by Barry M’s Nail Polish in Pink Flamingo! I love that nail polish – the colour is gorgeous! But it stained my names so bad – I have never had this before: Ewwww! I used my favourite base coat underneath, CND’s Stickey so I can’t understand how this happened other than that there is some […]

Beauty Mishap? Catherine Zeta Jones leaves powder on, erm, nose


Just a few days ago I was defending our dear Catherine Zeta Jones against the nasty Daily Mail who were calling her old, haggard and using a clearly photoshopped image (other photo editing software is available). And then, this: Ok, ok let’s calm down. She was in the Darling Buds of May!!! Therefore, I refuse to believe this white powdery substance around her nose is anything other than Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (other brands are […]

Beauty Memories: Extreme Nose Contouring, Remember This?


Last week, me and Mr Candy decided to make some tapes (VHS for you spring chickens) for Candy Grandad, who hasn’t quite entered the DVD generation. As a result we ended up going through our own childhood tape collections, and I found an old recording of a Chinese Variety show by TVB (the biggest TV channel in Hong Kong). I used to watch this thing all the time as a kid, its kind of the […]

Random Mini Rant: MAC Shops


MAC sales assistants have always had a bit of a bad rap from me – whilst I’ve always moaned about their icy cold attitudes and tranny like make up, I am an open minded one. I always hope that in time, things change, things get better. So those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I had an epic day out in London yesterday. So I went to the MAC Pro shop first. […]

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