Blog Sale and Hostgator Hosting Pants


Sorry, Sorry, If you logged on earlier to access the blog sale, the site completely crashed. This happens when there is too many people trying to view the site at the same time. I have fairly substantial hosting but even that wasn’t enough… This happened before and I upgraded accordingly, now I’ve had to upgrade AGAIN ($$$$$$) but it doesn’t look like the site is going to be too stable tonight. I’ve had poor people […]

Well that didn’t go very well: Jessops Customer Service

A few weeks ago, some PR offered me a voucher to spend at Jessops so that I could order some Christmas photo gifts and if I was happy with them, report back to you guys. Well…I’m not particularly happy with it but I am telling you anyway. So I could choose two small photo items – I picked a snow globe (£4) with a picture of my family’s newest addition, and a Linen cloth bag […]

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