Japanese Earbuds: It’s an Earbud Heaven


Yeah it’s time for a novelty post.  My lovely friend Clare picked up some Japanese cosmetics (my bi-annual haul!) which I review eventually. She also went to the Daiso store for me and picked up a LARGE selection of…Earbuds.  I bloody love earbuds. It’s a sick obsession. My favourite are the skinny Muji ones, which are lint free so you don’t end up with hair everywhere. I do everything with earbuds. I clean me ears, […]

Would you have a Brow Lift?


I got a press release about a treatment called Ulthera (yeah I thought I saw Urethra too) which uses ultrasound to the ‘natural healing process’ to tighten the loose skin on the brow.  In just 30 minutes, the treatment can give you a brow lift of as much as 2cm. I didn’t even realise that this was a ‘thing’ – treatment to raise the eyebrows? I have never seen anyone that has made me think, […]

Say what? Primark Concession in Selfridges Trafford Centre


Things I associate with Primark: 1. Cheap and cheerful stuff. 2. Horrible crowds of pushy chavs and women with buggies who push them into the back of your legs (I don’t do this I swear, my Bugaboo cost too much).  3. Massive queues all day, every day apart from ten minutes to closing time when the staff suddenly start working five times faster. Truth is I haven’t been to Primark for a long, long time […]

Strange Beauty Product of the Week! Chu! Lip Softening Steam Sheets


One of the best things I learned in Chizu Saeki’s The Japanese Skincare Revolution (review here) was a lip hydrating treatment, where you apply natural honey to the lips, then stick some cling film on top.  Leave for around 15 minutes and you end up with super soft, slightly sticky lips.  The point is the cling film on top of the lips really help work the product into the lips! So I thought this beauty […]

My Bag Reading by Debbie Percy, and Win how to win one for yourself!


I was offered a bag reading by Debbie Percy, a lady who offers handbag therapy – or readings by looking at the contents on your bag. I did this on a random day and pulled out whatever was inside. Here were my contents: Basically: Emergency charger, phone, hairbrush, Radox hand sanitizer, make up bag (even though I never top up my make up, painkillers and settlers, a cream egg, a hair clip, my wallet, a […]

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