Korres Abyssinia Oil Volumizing Mascara in Blue Review


Moaning on twitter works. Its just as well because moaning is one of my favourite hobbies, after eating and buying things to eat. I was looking for an electric blue mascara – the perfect blue mascara for me HAS to look blue, not a muddy black, and it has to be bright without being too chalky. I love YSL’s Faux Cils in blue but its toooooooo expensive for one of my whims. Luckily, Luce at […]

WANT IT NOW: Hello Kitty Dinner Party Set


Just watching TV and seen this amazing, amazing magazine thats out now in the UK (its one of those where you collect it every week or fortnight…usually reserved for children and trainspotters). HELLO KITTY PARTY! Yes – with week one (£1.99) you get a free Hello Kitty Dinner Place! How cuttteeeeeeeeee! Mr Candy’s immediate response was, “You know they have an age limit” but I say poo-poo to your age limit, where Miss Kitty is […]

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