Wahanda launches online beauty services booking system!


I have phone phobia. I do. Maybe it’s because when someone speaks to me on the phone I worry that I wont have enough time to construct an intelligent answer. I am a written word kinda gal. I equally hate calling up places to make appointments because: a. The line is always engaged b. The person who answers is a dope and I need to keep repeating myself c. If I am at work I […]

Are Beauty Treatments from discount sites like Groupon worth it?


Up until 18 months ago, I really wasn’t one for visiting the spa or indeed the beauty salon, just because it seem so expensive for an hours massage or a short treatment, but since I have tried some really blissful treatments, I am converted. Offer sites like Groupon, KGB Deals and Wahanda (there are plenty more out there) offer some brilliant discounts on beauty treatments for people who would otherwise find it too expensive. There […]

Hair Do Nail Don’t: Gielly Green Boutique Salon Review


I squeeze in a lot of things when I’m down in London and since I spotted the Wahanda deal for Gielly Green Boutique Salon (I paid £35 for a Haircut and Manicure) I thought – why the hell not! I could do with a trim anyway…. So, where do I start? How about how my direction sense goes out of the window when I’m in London town. Making a 9.30am appointment was not a wise […]



Why? Wahanda are offering £2 – yes £2 deals in London*, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and errr other places… *London offer ends tonight! For £2 you get £20 worth of services – simply make up the difference in cost! Can’t really go wrong with £2…. I’ve booked mine Go and look at the Mobdeals here!

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