Review: Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Cream Eyeliners

Urban Decay have just launched these Ink For Eyes Cream Eyeliners in the UK – five shades (we are missing Pyrotechnic, a sparkly white which the US ladies have). Check out the imagery, which is super hot: It’s make up like that makes me want to walk around with my eyes closed…. Here are my beauties! The most obvious things about this is the unusual shape of the packaging (reminds me of Bourjois Ombre Streettccchhh […]

Review: Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion

…that is a lot of p’s. Urban Decay has some stonking new products out for Autumn 2009 – I got my mitts on some of them (there’s always good offers on at Boots). One of the first products I am reviewing is the Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer (£15.00): UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) is of course one of the first and most coveted eyeshadow primers out there. These days there are a few great […]

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Lotion, Eyeshadow, Lipstick etc.


I have a special place in my heart for Urban Decay – it is one of the more affordable self-serve counter brands that is pretty formidable in terms of colour choice and quality. 24/7 pencils? The best. I have been sorting though my make up stash to do swatches for the up coming swatch gallery and guess what? I have quite a few product based on Urban Decays bestseller, Midnight Cowboy Eyeshadow. I have: Midnight […]

Tutorial: Green & Gold Eyes


I am dabbling in the areas of tutorials – I am no professional but like a lot of girls who love make up, I get ideas from magazines and learn through practice. Everyone has to adapt things to suit their own eye shape but hopefully any of you can use this guide. All of the colours and tools I used are dupable but I have tried to use brands that can be bought from around […]

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket and Spring 2009


It’s Easter weekend, ladies! I started my weekend of glamour off by going to B&Q for a plunger – don’t ask. And what did I wear to B&Q – why Urban Decay! Love Urban Decay. It’s one of the more affordable but high quality brands out there. Haulage, and as you can see, my nosy cat wanted to get involved: Read on for photos, swatches and review!….

New Urban Decay


Uh-Huh. Urban Decay have some new, very good goodies: The 24/7 Pencils: Graffiti, Flipside, Rasom and Underground. The new SIN Primer Potion! This is the UDPP formula but with shimmers! You can see the product here, on makeupandbeauty blog. How exciting!

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil


Urban Decay is a really cool brand although they have a lack of new products and colours – if you ask me. I spotted the 24/7 concealer stick a while ago and decided to use my Boots points of one – a reasonable £8.50p. Sticks This comes in a pencil form – better than a concealer in a palette which is messier to use but is not as hand as a swivel up concealer that […]

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