End of July Chit Chat and Catch Up…


Aloha ladies and gents. Why do I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages? I think it’s because I am out of the flow. It has been as busy for me this year as it was last year, and I have just been getting used to my new role as Mummy to one extremely adorable but demanding little boy!  A few odd updates: All UK blog sale parcels have now gone you should have received […]

Blog Sale and General Blog Chit Chat….


Hallo ladies,  Just a little update to say there won’t be as many post this week because I am concentrating on getting this blog sale ready within the next 2 weeks.  It’s been quite hard to do what with a butterball in tow, and the sheer amount of stuff I am going to part with!  Do bear with me.  I seriously wish I had an assistant sometimes…I have tons to do at the moment and […]

Stuff you should know: Gallery & Blog Updates for May!


Can you believe its May already?! May brings a few updates of Cosmetic Candy – firstly, the Swatch Gallery has FINALLY been updated. I have lots of images to add, its just finding the time to do them…its incredibly time consuming! 1. Gallery Anyway, check out some of the new images on the Concealer Gallery, Brow Products , Eye Pencil Images, Nail Gallery or Lip Pencil Gallery. A search will be added soon so its easier […]

Eyelash Extension Update!


Thought I’d give you guys a bit of an update on the Eyelash Extensions I had put in on in Feb. They have lasted ages and ages despite me not having time to look after them and generally being quite rough. The lashes have now started falling out so I though I’d show you what it looked like…. A lash extension: Its amazing to see the difference in size and length between my natural lash […]

Karin Herzog Review and Final Skincare Update


Its time for a round up on my thoughts and feelings of the Karin Herzog Skincare range which was kindly sent to me a while back to test out. Here is my initial post ok Karin Herzog and my update at week 2-3 and at week 4-5. As you know, when I started out I had tons of breakouts which was normal, and then eventually that calmed down significantly. If you want to see what […]

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