John Sergent out of Strictly Come Dancing

SHOWBIZ Strictly 13

Poor John Sergent. One of my favourite BBC reporters has been forced out of the TV show, Strictly Come Dancing. You get a load of has-been celebrites, desperate to revive their careers…well some of them, not all of them. Rachel Stevens (yes, remember her?) for example, Jodie Kidd (after the cocaine scandal), loads of sports *stars* i’ve never heard of.  This is a golden ticket to some quick publicity and a modelling deal with Marks […]

B Never too Busy to Be Beautiful Xmas 2008!


I first came across Lush owned B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful in London a few years ago.  I loved the boudoir style of the shop and bought a product or two back then.  It was a cream eyeshadows in a brown – green – nice colour but the product was horrible, creasy and slow to dry.  I decided to take a look at the website again today and they definately have some very […]

Nars Multiple Bronzers


I am eagerly awaiting the Multiple Bronzers from Nars! It comes in three shades for light, medium and dark skins. Tuomota is for light skins, Malaysia is for medium tones and Rapa Nui is a rich bronze for darker skins. How cool are these!!! I think I will be a Malaysia girl. Can’t wait to try it!

Shu = Meh


Maybe I’m just a cranky cow, but I made my way to the Shu Uemura counter today to lookat the Mika Christmas collection which looks super stunning online. Only 2 palettes were left: This one looks dull but it’s actually quite nice and the third colour across, a rose bronze is utterly stunning. Winter Sakura (I think) is more dramatic: Both are £45. Houston, we have a problem. The palettes are SIMILAR.  Not a bit, […]

RMK Christmas Palette


The RMK Christmas Palette 2008 is released tomorrow in the UK. It is 9,500 Yen, which according to my XE coverter makes it an eye watering £68? Surely not? I can’t imagine many people will plonk down £70 for a palette, gift or not. I am thinking more like the £50 mark, which is still fairly steep, but you do get: 1) Mini Separate and Curl Masca 2) Lipgloss 3) Quad shadow and sponges 4) […]

Oooh Guerlain! Jeu de Dames


How gorgeous is this model? I love her hair: Guerlain is one of those brands I worshipped as a teen and the Terracotta Bronzer is one of the first major purchases I’ve made. The Jeu de Dames Play Lip Palette can give you three metallic shades: Two LE eyeshadow palettes – but dayum, far too beautiful to use? I LOVE this one. I wonder if it’s still availble? There are a number of blushers and […]

Hello Kitty for MAC in Feb 2008


So the evil empire, the blood sucking people at MAC have finally done what I predicted they’d do years ago. Release a MAC & Hello Kitty Range. It goes without saying that even I, a fervent non-Mac lover will have to indulge in this one. Hell, I’ll take the day of work and queue outside the shop. One to use, one for back up. And you know what it will be? A rehashing of colours, […]

Dior Sparkle Top Coat Lipgloss 2008 Christmas


Dior have really captured my heart, it seems, this Christmas. Almost as much as this man: This LE sparkle gloss is just booti-ful: It’s filled with little micro sparkles, of all kinds of multi colours. Good in its own or course on top of a lipstick. I know there are a million sparkly clear glosses out there but the best ones are the likes of Chanel, where the sparkle looks almost holographic. I did buy […]

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