Anna Sui Waterproof Eye Pencils


I got a thing for eye pencils. The latest that caught my eye were Anna Sui’s newish waterproof range; Very pretty, in the Anna Sui way.  I choose 900 – Olive Green, 200- Violet and 500 – Brown. The Olive green is stunning – just stunning.  It almost touches black but still looks like a […]

Nars Christmas Collection Online!


UK Ladies!  Nars Cosmetics Online have the Xmas range online, everything but the Multiple in Malaysia – a gold deep bronze. ARGGGHHH! I know!  There is also the Orgasm Nail Polish too. I have my eye on the two solo shadows, the super orgasm blusher and the multiple, when it’s out.  I won’t buy it […]

Integrate shadow


Integrate are a Japanese brand from Shiseido, who famously got the Queen B herself, Angelina to be their spokeslady. For me Integrate is a bit of a damp sqib; some of the products are nice like the Aqua Dress Rouge lipsticks but the eyeshadow palettes so far have been really poor; poor texture, poor pigment.  […]

Paul & Joe Disney Collection in the US


Remember when we all died over the Paul & Joe Disney collection and cried when we couldn’t get our hands on it? Well you lucky US ladies will be getting a second chance to buy it this November. Mmmm it still makes me smile after all this time. Here’s the info: Face Color B:  for […]

RMK Night Recovery Gel


As soon as I sniffed the super zingy orangey scent of RMK’s new Night Recovery Gel I knew I had to have it. The gel is light textured, smells great and has small white capsules inside that burst and have a thicker cream inside.  RMK say: Your intensive skincare begins while you sleep. An overnight […]

But I only wanted Tweezers!


Popped into the shops today for some tweezers since my beloved Shu’s have gone AWOL. I got these little tweezerman ones for £12: I had a quick look at the Bliss stall and decided some other items were in order.  I am not at all impressed with their lame online customer service so I thought […]

Disgust doesn’t even describe it.


Soooooo I’ve just watched the first episode of the US Kath and Kim.  It’s soooooooooooooooooo bad.  It’s so baaaddddddd.  I don’t get it.  Can anyone who is American and watched it tell me if they get it?  Is it true to any facet of American culture?  The original Kath & Kim which I love dearly, […]

Ooh Ahh! Amazon free shipping for £5

I’m so pathetic I was delirously happy when I heard that Amazon UK we’re reducing the super saver delivery (free) threshold from £15 to £5!!!! How EASY is it to spend £5 on Amazon. My wish list is full of books and bits that cost around £8, because I tend to wait til there’s something […]

Bliss Problem Salved 20 in 1 Wonder Balm


You know me, I like something that does everything. So when I saw the Bliss Problem Salved Wonder Balm, I knew this was going to be my first foray into Bliss. Have you seen the prices? Ouch! Anyway this is what this wonder balm can do: This 20-in-1 wonder balm is a one-stick quick fix […]

Oooh Aahhh Beauty Discovery

I’ve made a rather cool beauty disovery, that’s making me so excited its giving my judders. However you will have to wait a little bit for me to share as I want to check it out properly and do a proper review/guide (for once.) Stay tuned! its truly beauty-tastic!

Esprique Precious Collection


Esprique Precious is not normally a brand that turns my head – its on the pricer end of the Japanese beauty lines (by pricey I mean £15-£20 for a palette which isn’t pricey per se, but its more than say Kate, Lavshuca, SANA et al.) Something about the new collection was calling me, ya know? […]

Nars Night Series Eyeshadows


Looking for some super sparkle fun in the dark winter nights? I am! Nars Night Life Series of Eyeshadows contain a million, trillion sparkles. It’s one of my favourite things from Nars to collect. There are 9 shades so far (I think there will be two more come Christmas 2008, in a gold and silver). […]

eBay Haul – Nars Ginger and Grapefruit Gel and Lotion


So I got some Nars Shower Gel (no more lush soaps) and loton off ebay for around £20. Nice, nice. It smells very…sweet…so far but I think it will grow on me. Nars says: A stimulating scent that captures the provocativeness of dusk, this soft orange gel blends the sparkling essence of grapefruit and cassis […]

Wet ‘n’ Wild Halloween Offer


Ooh I like Halloween, but a. It’s not quite so big in the UK and b. The women where I live look like witches anyway For those of you who like to dress up and have nothing better to do, Wet ‘n’ Wild have a 20% offer: The look: Foundation: Extremely pale. We want you […]

Random Nars Haulage


Nars, Nars, I am sick for you at the moment. I am also loving Esprique Precious and Bobbi Brown at the moment – how about you? Here is my random Nars Haul – Lip Liner in Ecuadaor, a deep crimson red: Lulu, a matter aubergine: Fiji – a soft metallic green. Like Night Porter but […]

Kevin B – Chinese Make Up Book


I love all make up books, apart from the ones from the 80s with bad spiral perms and bushy brows.  I love looking at Chinese language make up books – the emphasis is on LOOK since I can’t read Chinese. My latest find is Kevin B’s Make up book split into a day/skincare guide and […]

Nars Christmas Collection


I know I’m slow.  Nars will be releasing the Crimbo goodies come Christmas.  As well as this I’ve had a tip off that there will soon be a lorra new multiple colours and new liquid eyeliners with a build in brush. Christmas is about sparkles! Glitter!  Red lipstick! Gluttony! Crackers! Nars rarely does Limited Editions […]

Lush Soaps = Blocked Drains


Everytime I get something from Lush – which I do cos I get bored even though their products generally do nothing for me – the boyfriend moans.  Why?  Because their chunky soaps, solid shampoos and what nots fall apart in clumps and means blocked drains. Huh, I sniffed, as if the shower will get blocked […]

Pencil Me In Pencils


I love my eyeliners – town between the choice of a new liner and eyeshadow, most of the time I’d go for a liner.  I have tons and tons in my collections, most notably every colour of Urban Decay 24/7 (my favourite) and of Shu Uemura Drawing Crayons (nice pencils but don’t have the same […]

Bobbi Brown Does Bright Colour – SHOCKER!


I know, I know, breathe breathe breathe. If I saw this palette on eBay I would be hitting the ‘Report this item’ in a heartbeat but alas, the lady herself is holding it in her hand.  Check out this bright spring palette from Bobbi Brown, in round pans as opposed to the classic Bobbi Square […]

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