I love your hair, Elina


Recently evicted? kicked off? removed? America’s Next Top Model contestant, Elina had a drastic make over, a weave in red: I loveeeeee it, I loveeeeee it, I loveeeeee it. Is it ginger? Tell me it isn’t ginger. Now trying to locate a hair dye of a similar colour, but it has to be ok for […]

Comment of the month

You regulars better step up your comments because Anonymous left a comment that took me 15 minutes to read. I’ve decided to award her (I presume its a her) comment of the month. Here it is: Anonymous said… I have just watch Gordon Ramsey 1hr cook show and he cooked with Amanda Holden. I had […]

November @ Cosmetic Candy

Dear Ladies (and Gents), Can you believe we are well into November? My birthday is on the 20th and I am feeling old.  No plans for the day (unless anyone wants to surprise me, hint hint) perhaps I should take the day off work and book into a salon, get my hair done etc? This […]

RMK Haul


I know, too many hauls but check this out: I’ve been looking for a sparkly, shimmery white sheen for the lips: This is RMK Irresistible lips C in no. 5 Shiny White. It is colourless but has lots of sparkles and a light sheen – it can be used of course on top of a […]

Build your own palette on Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown will now let you put your own palette together online with it’s stupid extremely realistic blocks of colour that represent ‘eyeshadows’ and ‘blushers’. A month ago I would have dropped £100 for the Xmas Bobbi Brown palettes, but now, 30 days later I am glad I didn’t bother. I’m over it, dah-ling.  This […]

Shiseido Colour Control Stick


I suffer from redness around my lip area, especially where the smile lines are. Annoying, yes – when I heard about the Shiseido colour control stick I decided to go out and buy one. I love Shiseido’s Hydro Cream Foundation compact – a great foundation but I wasn’t so impressed with the colour stick foundation […]

The Jamu Shop; Asian Health & Skincare Goodies


A little birdie told me about something called Ly Na Pearl Paste – a medicated treatement used at night with whitening properties that is supposed to remove marks and scars too. I bought that and a few different goodies from a place called the Jamu Shop, based in Singapore. It cost $18 including shipping for […]

RMK Facial and Haul


Went to RMK for a facial – good value at £10 and you get to redeem the amount. It was nice but I have about 20 spots that have appeared now. Grrrr. Here was my haul: Mix Cheeks in Orange I don’t any of the mix cheeks, but this one stood out in a mile […]

Good Luck America!


As the US Elections draw to an end, I wish my American readers good luck, hoping you elect the best candidate for the job.

2: MU GU Palettes


This is a special feature, a quick review of the items I bought from Shopping99 a Taiwanese site that sells beauty, fashion and lifestyle goods. MU GU has a large selection of palettes in nice designs and lots of colours. My experience with them are somewhat varied. First off a multi colour palette with blushes: […]

Day 5: Hair Remover Coil Stick Thing


This springy stick thing is a hair remover: All you have to do is curl the ends over so it looks like a U shape then run it against the hairy area. It isn’t recommended for eyebrows but is for moustaches. Fact – it didn’t work on my moustache or anyone elses (female that is) […]

Nars Make Over with the Winter Collection


The Nars counter is LETHAL when it’s new collection time, I tell ya! I went along for my make over with my favourite make up artist, Leena. We used quite a few different things so I’ll try and remember everything. Damn I need to stop eating bread and stilton. Anyway…. No Primer – Leena forgot […]

Jonathan Ross, give your wages to the soap stars


…because they can’t dress for sh*t. The National TV awards are the biggest waste of time, and no I didn’t watch it, I watched the fungal infection on my toe grow instead.  It’s voted for by the public, which is even worse because as has been proved, the public don’t know anything. The type of […]

Time for a change


Russell knows a thing or two about change New look for Cosmetic-Candy! You like!? Hopefully you do – I was very fond of the previous template but there were a lot of issues with it giving me a headache. Hopefully this one will be easier to use although you must excuse the posts below that […]

Demeter Fragrance Library


I noticed Demeter Fragrances years back but never bothered with them untill recently.  I remember back then they had scents like Fresh Water, Rain and Dirt. They now have tons of extremely tempting scents. They are colognes, and are supposed to capture the true “essence” of each scent.  There’s over 200 scents, so lots to […]

Day 2: Face Roller


Day 2 of beauty tools. The funny roller is a face, cheek, neck and chin roller. This face roller has three wheels which helps circulation, massage and smoothen muscles. So it says. There’s three rollers to this one; you can roll on the cheeks and chin at the same time but you can also detach […]

Day 1: Cleopatra Nose Clip

Most of you seemed to know what this is: Yeah it’s a nose clip! A lot of Asian women have the slightly stubby noses – I know I do. This nose clip is supposed to help reshape the nose, making it sit higher, and less stubby. Can it really work that well? Well of course […]

Bloom in Superdrug!


I was just thinking about the Aussie beauty brand Bloom a while ago when lo and behold, I walk into a Bloom counter in my local Superdrug! I was always fond it it when it was in the Uk a few years back although in my humblest opinion, there’s nothing spectacular about the brand. It’s […]

Art Deco Autumn Collection

Art Deco is a lovely brand, excellent value and good quality. The boyf did something useful that didn’t involve eating and went down to the local salon to pick up the Art Deco Autumn/Winter eyeshadows. The model is stunning! The turquoise is nothing like on the picture, it is not so vivid. URBAN CHIC is […]

Beauty Blender

Finally, finally I have managed to get my hands on a beauty blender. This pink coloured butt plug shaped sponge is supposed to help blend in anything and everything.  Well, ok, foundation. Here’s what they say: How Blend your way to a flawless face! Seeing make up is the first sign of an amateur application. […]

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