Lush Grab Bags


I am not a particularly big fan of Lush – too smelly, too crumbly, too much glittter. Anyway I had a perusal because at the moment they have ‘Grab Bags’. That is, Christmas leftovers. A £5 bag has £15 worth of goodies. A £10 bag is worth £35 and a £15 bag is worth £50. Being week, I got a £10 bag too see what I would end up with…it was certainly a huge bag: […]

Email Chaos

Just a quick note. Emails are a bit sticky of late. If you need to email me cos you want to buy something from the shop or just general chatter and I don’t reply within 12 hours, just leave me a comment! I am also not getting comment notifications so bear with me if there is a delay!

Kao Prettia Hair Color


Instructions? Who needs instructions I said, as I slapped yet another hair dye on my head today. I went for something different today – no time to go for highlights, scalp to sensitive for the like of Feria, I bought 2 packs of Kao (a Japanese household brand) Prettia Hair Colour. This is about $8 retail but $17 (it was $16 earlier this week!) from Ichibankao. I chose: In the box you get the usual […]

Trying to blog on the phone…

Testing, testing! Just to let you gals know I have been to the post office today to be drained dry by Royal Mail – your parcels are on their way to you! Give it up to 10 days and drop me an email when they get to you ladies! Apart from that, today, Friday is going to be one of those days – in fact its just been one of those weeks. Got a small […]

RMK Spring Translucence


RMK will be launching their Spring Translucence range in Feb in the UK. It sure looks pretty. But I have been sorely disappointed with the special collections from RMK lately. Whilst the base and lipsticks are lovely, the Christmas palette was unpigmented and a little dull, and the collection before that was also lacklustre. The hearts LE palettes I haven’t touched since I got them and I now feel the same way about the shiny […]

Must do better!

I am behind on replying to comments, posting and sorting out the new layout of this blog!  I was thinking a gallery section, one with looks and tutorials, one with swatches.  I love swatches.  I’ve realised I always want some obcure item, and if only there was a swatch somewhere I could decide whether to buy it or not. I have my excuses for being behind though – a sore hand, tons of project work to […]

Armani Color Corrector Concealers – How I love thee!


Corrective concealer in four color-balancing shades designed to target specific complexion concerns. Exclusive micro-fil technology allows for targeted correction, visibly concealing imperfections while light-reflecting pearls impart a halo of light imparting a seamless, flawless facial canvas. Corrective concealer shades include: Pink (Shade 1) counteracts sallow, dull skin and effectively corrects yellow and olive pigmentation. Orange (Shade 2) targets olive or darker skin tones to conceal under-eye circles, freckles, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. Yellow (Shade 3) […]

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