My Crystal Beauty; Tweezers, Glass Nail and Foot Files Review!


I have a confession to make. I hate filing my nails.  I really hate it. I never do it.  I have the see-sawing action, I hate the scraping, the noise it makes.   A while ago my cousin told me about the merits of using a crystal or glass nail file because they are incredibly good at filing and lasted forever.  She piqued my interest, so I was quite interested to see how I would get […]

Sparkly Pluckers! TweezerIT Tweezer Review!


There are two things that I constantly lose; lip balms and tweezers.  This year alone I have misplaced three pairs…I think they are hiding somewhere along with some odd socks, conspiring against me.  But I digress… A girl can never have enough pairs of good tweezers.  As someone who not so long ago picked up some 99p ones from Home Bargains, I can confirm that cheap tweezers that are hard to hold, or don’t quite […]

Tweezer Hell: Slice Combo Tip Tweezers Review


It serves me right for losing my Japonesque Tweezers – they were serving me so well then POOF – they just disappeared. I’ve tried to find them but to no avail… Then I read about these Slice tweezers. Quite simply the best, they said. So I paid far more then they are actually worth having them shipped over from the USA – I paid around £27 in total. Sigh. Here they are: I’ve never actively […]

Christmas Gift Idea & Review: Shavata Tweezers

I love tweezers – such useful little things but I am always losing them. Always. That’s why I love this little heart shaped Tweezer from Shavata – I just think its very cute, the tweezers are great and its big enough to not lose. This comes in a few colours too! Perfect gift, especially for people like my mother, who insists her 49p tweezers, the ones that don’t even meet in the middle when you […]

Peri Plastic Tweezers – as useful as a plastic fork?

Last week, my work colleague taught me the phrase “Brain Fart”. According to Urban Dictionary this is: A spontaneous stupid (Stupid the noun, not stupid the adjective) usually accompanied by loss of train of thought and saying something fantastically stupid without realising it. I have brain farts constantly, and I was having one when I picked up this item from I love shopping on Adambeauty and find myself randomly adding cheap tit bits into […]

Review: MAD Pluckers Tweezers

As I write, I am currently missing all 8 pairs of tweezers I own. One weekend away and they have all disappeared into cat toy land (ie. under the fridge). Missing is also my newest addition to the family – a cute MAD Plucker – there are a few different designs to pick from: It comes in this tube – quite nice as a gift really, especially or teens: I got skater girl. Now – […]

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