Boo Hiss.

Urgh. The Apprentice made me physically sick. Just some highlights – essentially this week, they just have to make greeting cards for new occasions. BTW – Miss Piggy Claire, says that Matt Lucas has ‘short man syndrome’ – and she has? Fat Orange Cow Syndrome. Ideas they got – Jenny Big Chin’s idea – Eco cards. Cards with an Eco message? Isn’t that called flyering? I doubt anyone truly eco friendly would send daft cards […]

The Apprentice: Week 4

The show continues to turn into a pantomime, naturally, and this week I found it hard to concentrate of the show because there was something more interesting to watch (ie. an Ebay item). As expected, the boys team made a mess of the challenge of doing a pub night (they chose Italian food, nice and commercial), and the girls chose Indian/Bollywood night. Matt Lucas and Claire are the two people getting on my nerves a […]

The Apprentice: Week 2

I swear I will get back onto the Make Up stuff soon, but I’ve been so busy lately that TV has been snatching me free few minutes and not playing with make up. The Apprentice is completely compelling viewing, if not slightly like a pantomime this year. And the Panto has its villan! Jenny the Ginger. Jenny has a BA (Hons) Marketing (A degree in Marketing, hmm) from De Montford University (the kind of University […]

Paulina Porizkova, shut your pie hole!

…not that she eats any pies, I’m sure. As a big fan on ANTM (I get it a day later than you ladies in the US thanks to the powder of the net) and a big fan on the quiet beauty that is Katarzyna Dolinska. I did like Claire at first, before she turned into a bully. Dominique may be annoying, but nothing annoys me more than girls that quickly form gangs and bully someone. […]

The Apprentice UK

This is probably utterly boring for anyone who isn’t in the UK, but The Apprentice is back! In the UK we have Sir Alan Sugar, and glorified garden gnome who is in charge of a 800 million empire – I mean garden. The candidates are uber annoying this year. Let’s identify the most annoying; Sacked in week 1, Nicholas de Lacy-Brown. At 23, he is a trainee Barrister. Whatever, anyone with a name like de […]

Diets & Cook Yourself Thin

Diets are big business – for companies who make food substitutes, for people who make fat burning drugs, for gyms, personal trainers etc. There are 101 ways people claim you can lose weight. Presuming you don’t have any medical problems, eating well and exercise will normally help shift a few pounds. This would be my method if I were to go “on a diet” – not really a diet just doing obvious things like not […]

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