John Sergent out of Strictly Come Dancing

SHOWBIZ Strictly 13

Poor John Sergent. One of my favourite BBC reporters has been forced out of the TV show, Strictly Come Dancing. You get a load of has-been celebrites, desperate to revive their careers…well some of them, not all of them. Rachel Stevens (yes, remember her?) for example, Jodie Kidd (after the cocaine scandal), loads of sports *stars* i’ve never heard of.  This is a golden ticket to some quick publicity and a modelling deal with Marks […]

I’m a celebrity GET ME OUT OF HERE!


Hurrah! I’m a celebrity starts on Sunday in the UK. The contestants are CRAP. We have a man who used to be a police officer. We have a WAG. She is not a pretend model, like Coleen, she’s not a pretend fashion designer, like Victoria, she’s not a pretend singer, like Cheryl. She is nothing but the girlfriend of a man who kicks a ball about. Kudos to you for making a career out of […]

Laura White voted off!?!?!? What??!?!


Although I can’t stand Cheryl Tweedy, I do/did think Laura White was so amazing and special and was rooting for her to win. Now she’s been voted off – I can’t believe it! Stupid Daniel and Eeeeogghaannn are still in! I wonder if the other X Factor judges are trying to teach Cheryl a lesson in humility? Because no way on earth did Laura deserve to go. I haven’t been this outraged since Greggs sold […]

America’s Next Top Model


I admit, I love America’s Next Top Model, even though Tyra Banks it a complete nut job. “You have so much light” Usually said to the girl being kicked out, as if that’s any consolation. I’d rather hear, “You have so much booty” than “You have so much light”. “You need to smile with your eyes” I tried this. It doesn’t work. You look maniacal. It’s not smiling it’s creasing up your face funny. I […]

Kath & Kim US? So wrong!


For making me live thorough 10 years of the awfulness that is Neighbours and Home & Away, every. single. day. of. my. life. after school, the Australians with have come up with a funny and clever series, Kath & Kim. So Wiki says: Kath & Kim stars Jane Turner as Kath Day-Knight, a cheerful 50-something divorcee currently in a happy relationship with her fiancé (and then husband), the prissy Kel Knight. She deals with her […]

10p Face Masks & 88 Colour Palettes & FOTD


So I am bitter and resentful that you girls Stateside get all the coolest bargains, where as in the UK we are always paying top buck for everything and not even getting decent customer service either. Anyway there’s a bargain store we have here called – er, Home Bargains. Oh the shame, the shame. I scour the shop for cheap bits and bobs – and I spotted these face masks for 10p each!: Hey, cheaper […]

I think I know….

Noooo! Raef!!!! No that Mr Earl Grey himself has been kicked out, I have lost all hope. I mean who the hell are we left with? Lucinda – I quite like Lucinda and her weird twisty neck, but she is too negative too whiny. Lee – Urgh can’t stand him – tried to be noble but is actually quite thick and reminds me of a third division football player. Michael – Goes without saying he’s […]

Whitney wins and will always love you..

This cycle of ANTM has flown by. I have to say, the American version is superior to the British version, which is a collection of supermarket check out girls, alcoholics and wannabe footballers girlfriends. But more about that later. So Whitney – She got my nerves for the whole series – that mouth! those teeth! She is fakeness defined. She has the All American Smug. She belongs in the pages of playboy or JD Williams. […]

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