Beauty Lemming: Trish McEvoy Turquoise Python Petite Make Up Planner


Must. Have. This. Beauty. Trish McEvoy is famous for her planners and refillable make up system. The pre-made planners are good value for the make up you get in them – a nice way to start collecting otherwise it can be quite pricey. Anyway, the Trish McEvoy Turquoise Python Planner! I love the planner as I like turquoise and I like snakeskin. It also includes: Petite page Eye Base Essentials Bare, deluxe travel size Azure […]

Update: The Trish McEvoy Saga

I had a bit of a disappointing experience at the Trish McEvoy Counter (read about it here) and its been really interesting reading about peoples opinions on the matter (I will respond to comments over the weekend, promise!) Anyway – my poor experience was at the Trish Counter at Harvey Nichols. My usual counter is in Selfridges, The Trafford Centre where the staff are very nice. So much so, that when I was randomly chatting […]

Sparkly Twinkly Glittery Good: Trish McEvoy Lip Gloss in Irresistible

What do you get when you crush and blend together 3 Disney princesses, a Tiffany’s counter, some glycerine and Tinkerbell’s wings? You get the sparkliest, most princessy lipgloss, ever. This gloss I bought from Trish McEvoy. Nope – didn’t have a great experience the last time I went on a Trish counter, but this purchase is from the time before…. I promised myself there would be no more lip glosses since they go off quickly […]

Review: Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials

A few days ago I was wild and reckless and ventured into the realm of Trish McEvoy – it was alright really. Like being in a neat freak’s living room and being served Earl Grey from a proper cup. One of the products I bought was the Eye Base Essentials, a lightweight liquid base that came in size shades. Some are flesh toned, one is bronze, the rest are soft shimmers. I did the sensible […]

Haul: Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card in Pink Innocent and Eye Base Essentials

Despite being a make up junkie, I have to say I didn’t own anything from Trish McEvoy…until now! I guess Trish is not like MAC or Illamasqua, it doesn’t come and punch you in the face for attention, nor it doesn’t have the reach of huge brands like Dior and Chanel…its just not a brand I have paid attention too. But they have some nice bits! Read on for more images!

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