Sneak Peek: Trish McEvoy Voyager Kit Fall 2010


Not much info yet, just a gorgeous visual to show you. On the counters from October and costing £61 is the Fall/Autumn Voyager Kit offering from Trish McEvoy: Hubba Hubba, it’s a beautiful kit. You get the shadows, blush, lipgloss, four brushes and the little carry case. You know I love having everything in one place – the brushes in particular caught my eye because Trish McEvoy brushes are super gorgeous – proper investment brushes […]

Speedy Pouty Sexy Lips: Trish McEvoy Fast Track Lips Chic Review


I had a make over on a Trish McEvoy counter lately which was rather nice (I really do recommend having a makeover on their counters with a good SA/MUA because it’s a good way to get used to the brand – they have a lot of stuff I haven’t even discovered yet!). At the end of the makeover I was given this Fast Track Lips product – you know I love my multi use goodies, […]

Want It: Trish McEvoy Must Have Essential Collection for Eyes Limited Edition Set


As soon as I saw this Must Have Essential Collection for Eyes from Trish McEvoy I kinda went “ooohhhh”. This kit is not quite a planner, but it has everything you need in it in a compact space. The mesh bag also fits into the petite planner perfectly. They say: A maxed out multifunction Trish essentials collection for efficiently creating the most beautiful eyes from every angle. Pocket perfect sizes enable you to brighten, contour, […]

Stay, don’t stray: Trish McEvoy 24-Hour Eye Shadow and Liner in Topaz & Crystal Gray Review & Swatches


Y’all know (I’ve always wanted to say y’all) I love dual use products, and I have a thing of soft pencils. I am in fact, really in love with the Top Shop Sun Shower Crayon – so beautiful – but creases horribly. So I was giddy when I received these Trish McEvoy 24 Hour Eye Shadow and Liner pencils. Giddy but tentative…like going to a job interview. In my experience, super soft eye crayons, because […]

Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancer Nighttime Conditioning Treatment – The Start!


I was send this shiny tube a good month or so ago and have only recently cracked it open! Trish McEvoy’s Lash Enhancer is a Night Time Conditioning Treatment. I have been through my fair share of lash enhancing treatments and generally speaking, I have had decent results (although I avoid anything which is too oily, irritates the eyes or contains the ingredient that can darken the eye). They say: The key ingredient in Lash […]

Trish McEvoy Instant Pick Me Up Lips – Lipgloss Review


Remember mood rings? So stylish: I thought they were magic. They never seemed to change a variety of colours for me, always blue or green. Well, Trish McEvoy’s Instant Pick Me Up For Lips isn’t quite mood changing but it does adapt to a certain shade of pink on your lips. Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips is the perfect bright pink lip tint that goes on glossy then adapts to lips as a long-wearing stain. I reviewed […]

Perfect Nude Alert: Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Lip Collection Demure


I was on the Trish McEvoy counter a couple of weeks ago, buying a refill for my Python Palette when I spotted this to die for nude lipstick called Demure – part of the Demure Collection – of course! You should never wag a nude lipstick under my nose when I’m at the till…I cannot control my urges. So I paid £16 for this baby (or was it £18? Can’t remember) which is ok since […]

Gorgeous! Trish McEvoy Turquoise Python Petite Makeup Planner Review


Trish McEvoy’s Limited Edition Spring offering is this super cute Python Petite Makeup Planner. If you are ever thinking of investing in Trish, I’d highly recommend trying one of their seasonal limited edition planners or the credit card palettes as you get so many items in one place. Ta Da! I am a lucky gal, cos I got this beauty in the post. I have wanted a Trish McEvoy planner for ages but its a […]

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