A lash serum & liner in one: Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancing Liner Review


Lash growth products seem to be all the range – there are no lash enhancing mascaras too so naturally, there should be a liner that helps to promote growth! Trish McEvoy has a lash serum that you use at night, and they also have a bold black liquid liner which contains a protein complex, SymPeptide™ to improve lash fullness. Here is the liner: I’m currently trialling Mylash which totally does work but have taken a […]

Trish McEvoy Mobile Beauty Emergency Kit Review


Me and my phone are never apart. I actually remember when everyone didn’t have mobile phones. You’d arrange to meet a friend and if they didn’t show up you’d have to wait 30 minutes then go for a wander then come back to see if they were there. Patience. This is Trish McEvoy’s Mobile Beauty Emergency Kit looked rather nifty: “This collection combines the convenience of on-the-go makeup and tools with multiple pockets to carry […]

Mini Trish McEvoy Haul: Filling up my double decker palette!


I love sticking everything into one palette, I just like everything compact and handy! The smaller the palette the better. Trish McEvoy make one of the better palette systems out there that is highly customizable (ie. you can buy planner pages or you can buy these self managing compacts like the one i have here in 3 sizes, and you can even stick these into a planner (which is like a beauty filofax) via the […]

Quick Beauty Gifts from Trish McEvoy; All Dressed Up Collection & Mobile Beauty


It’s gift selection day; admittedly the only person in my household who looks at cosmetics as gifts is…me! But that’s ok, I love gifting (I end up with 3-4 presents for everyone I buy for) but I don’t tend to end up with many (I’m fussy apparently!). Anyway, onwards with the gifts! One of my favourite brands at the moment is Trish McEvoy. I think the products will suit ladies who like and appreciate quality […]

Mascara Week No. 4: Like Blinc Kiss Me Mascara? Try Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara Jet Black Review


Another mascara review today! I got a little sample size of the Trish McEvoy High Volume Jet Black Mascara a while ago and I took this on my flight with me just incase I had an emergency sparse lash situation on the plane. They say: The marriage of Trish’s revolutionary smudge-proof volumizing formula and tiniest-bristled brush enables Trish’s High Volume Mascara to enhance lashes’ volume like never before. Exclusive water-resistant formula washes off effortlessly without […]

Cover Dark Circles! Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift Under Eye Brightener and Line Filler Review


There are so many under eye brightening products out there these days that we are totally spoilt for choice! A brightener illuminates the under eye area making shadows and lines less apparent; I personally love them because I like a light coverage under the eye area and they are less likely to look cakey. One of the latest to hit the market is Trish McEvoy’s Instant Eye Lift. It looks a lot like the Eye […]

Bronzed and Glowing Goddess! Trish McEvoy Bronze Luminizer Review


The more I used luminizer’s and highlighters the more I like them. I have the Estee Lauder illuminating pen and the Laura Mericer one but one of my favourites is the Trish McEvoy product, because of it’s chunky applicator pen. I was rather pleased to get my paws on their Luminizer bronze – just because I have a tan now and I wanted something a little different – there are times when you want something […]

My new make up brush love: Trish McEvoy Mistake Proof Sheer Application Brush & Facial!


I went for a facial at the Trish McEvoy counter near me a week or so ago. (In case you don’t know, a lot of brands in department stores like Harvey Nichols and Selfridges will have a beauty room that some brands book the space and use to give their clients facials using their products.) Usually there is a charge for the treatment and this is redeemable on a purchase. I’ve these kinds of facials […]

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