Unusual Health Treatments: Qi Treatment at Innersound


A few months ago, there was a Groupon offer for a treatment at Innersound – I had no idea what it was, or what they did but I did know that at £10, I would give it a go! Innersound offers alternative treatment based on Qi (which means Energy, more commonly known as Chi) and through their masters, restore energy and clear ‘blockages’. (Qi is Korean, Chi is Chinese. The treatment at Innersound originates from […]

Well that was traumatic: Thai Massage at Chiang Mai Thai, Manchester


A few weeks ago I bought a deal from Living Social for Chiang Mai Thai, a Thai Massage place not too far from me (is anyone else finding some of these ‘deal’ sites impossible in terms of getting appointments and once your there, getting a good level of service?). I have been dying to try some traditional Thai massage out for a while now so rather excitedly booked an appointment. Well…it was HARD work. You […]

Kiss Me Nail Mente Treatment & Nail Hardener Review


Nail Mente? What’s a Nail Mente? I DON’T KNOW!!! Japanese product have a habit of creating some strangely named ranges. Kiss Me’s Nail Mente range is one of them. Consisting of four products so far (Nail Treatment, Nail Hardener, Quick Dry Liquid and Gel Finsh Top Coat) I bought a few things to try because it looks so cute! So where shall we start? My nails grow fast, they grow fairly strong but recently, perhaps […]

Salon Treatment Boo Boo and Rant: Benito Brow Bar Review


My cousin turned 16 last week and since she has always been obsessed with eyelashes, I purchased the Wahanda deal for Benito Brow Bar (Nationwide) to get their “WOW – Lash Extensions” a 45 minute express lash treatment. I have heard of Benito Brow Bar before (seen them in Selfridges and they now have concessions in Debenhams, Selfridges, House of Fraser in various locations). They do brow threading as well as lash tinting and the […]

Kose Salon Style Precious Head Spa Day Damage Care Milk UV Review


Salon Style is a Kose hair care brand. It’s a shame shampoo and conditioners are too heavy to ship over otherwise my shower would be lined with Shiseido! I actually bought this Salon Style Precious Head Spa milk because I thought it was some kind of sunscreen (because of the UV bit) – there’s no SPF listed but it is supposed to offer some kind of protection. Kose SALON STYLE Precious Head Spa Day Damage […]

Take That, zit! Nexcare 3M Acne Care Spot Patch Treatment Stickers Review


3M (yes 3M – who make stationery) Nexcare Acne Treatment Patches are highly popular in Asia – these little stickers go on top of your spot overnight and dry them out overnight (or so they say!). There are so many variations on this product these days that it’s hard to pick out exactly which are the best! These treatment patches work best of spots that are filled with pus – they flatten and draw the […]

Pre Holiday Pamper: Lash Perm at J Crystal Salon – I love my lashes!


I’ve had a few lash perms now but the last experience gave me shudders and scared the life out of my eyeballs. The woman was so incredibly rough near my eyes, I had the end of cuticle sticks near it, it stung, it was far far far more uncomfortable that it should’ve been. But since I was going away I knew that I couldn’t be bothered curling my eyelashes – when your lashes are like […]

Getting Eyelash Extensions? Quick Pros & Cons


I will be doing a proper, full comparison of the various lash extension treatments I have tried soon, but since a reader Debbie asked me for a quick pro and cons list of having lash extensions done…here it is! Pros: 1. Lash Extensions look amazing when done by a talented technician! 2. They can look as natural or dramatic as you want so you can customise your lashes (length etc.) 3. They last for a […]

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