Transformulas Colonic Purifying Capsules & Collagen Boost Supplements Review


Although I am always up for trying a new supplement, I really take any religiously because I a. Forget and b. Have quite a sensitive reaction to supplements (ie. tummy ache and itchy skin). A few months ago I tried two supplements from Transformulas’ Ageless Body Range, the Waistline2 and Colonic Purifying: Waistline2: This newly formulated food supplement supports your natural metabolism, increases energy and helps maintain a healthy body weight – perfect for when […]

Plump up those lips! Transformulas Ice Cool Lip Volume Review


There’s a few beauty things I don’t need, because I have plenty, which include: 1. Anything that enlarges the breasts 2. Anything that encourages brow growth 3. Anything that plumps the lips So testing Transformula’s Lip Volume product is, I guess a bit odd. But I am a sucker for lip products; lip base, lip concealer, lip gloss…. And besides, Lip Volume comes in a posh box: Everything is about the lip plumping these days […]

Auntie Review: Transformulas Face Control & Lightening Creme with Anti Bag Technology!


Because I am soooo young and soooo perky (ahem) I passed on this Transformulas Face Control & Lightening Cream to my auntie to try for 6 weeks. They say: Because this American Beauty Award-winning formula is a partnership of the wonder ingredients EYESERYL and Gatuline Expression – two active elements in the front-line war against ageing skin. It is supposed to: BRIGHTEN, FIRM, LIFT SKIN, REDUCE PUFFINESS, IMPROVE HYDRATION, CALM, COOL, PRIME AND I DON’T […]

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