Tangled lashes? Try this took: The Savvylash lash separator Review


I am obsessed with lashes although I definitely make plenty of lash/mascara mistakes…all the time! But I’m learning! I am generally too lazy to give my lashes a comb through (even though I should) but I just don’t have time in the morning when I do my make up to go to work. I was interested in trying the Savvylash tool because it’s a quicker way of getting rid of clumps! Ok so the Savvylash […]

Cute but Useful Haul: Hello Kitty Contact Lens Cases


My addiction to eBay has hit an all time high! Does anyone else get scour the site for random things to buy? Well I was looking for a compact way of carrying creams and foundation for when I go away on a short break, and found these cute Hello Kitty Contact Lens cases for £4 each including shipping. Its funny – when you go to Asia, there is a lot of Hello Kitty stuff, but […]

Useful Find of the Day: Baby Safety Cotton Buds


So I was in the baby section of Boots the other day (don’t ask….) and I spotted these cute ear buds (or Q-tips!) made for delicate babies ears: I know, these have been around for ages and I am sure you mummies will be familiar, but I couldn’t help but be fascinated by them. Poking your ear drum is no joke! It really hurts and I have done it a million times before… I have […]

Mid Week Giveaway! Three Ped Eggs to Win & Winner Announcement!


G’day! The Winner of the Jenulence Minerals Set is SITA. Please email me your address for the prize Girls who won prizes a few weeks ago – the fake tan, the Fleurs De Bach etc. I am chasing them up for you, hang tight! Now, todays giveaway – there’s three Ped Eggs from JML! I freaking love JML as many of you will know… Wanna win it? A video: How to enter…

Peri Plastic Tweezers – as useful as a plastic fork?

Last week, my work colleague taught me the phrase “Brain Fart”. According to Urban Dictionary this is: A spontaneous stupid (Stupid the noun, not stupid the adjective) usually accompanied by loss of train of thought and saying something fantastically stupid without realising it. I have brain farts constantly, and I was having one when I picked up this item from www.adambeauty.com: I love shopping on Adambeauty and find myself randomly adding cheap tit bits into […]

Make Up Brushes dirty? Try an Colourfull Arts Brush Cleaner and Preserver!


I hate cleaning my make up brushes. I have a ton of them and I normally wait till they are encrusted with blue sparkly dust before giving them a good clean. I use random things to clean my brushes including: 1. Baby shampoo (good for a deep cleanse, takes ages to dry) 2. Isopropyl Alcohol (kills germs, dries really quickly, good for quick changes but can be drying long term) 3. Branded cleansers like Clinique, […]

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