Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT04 Nail Swatch (No. 4) A Emerald Glitter Green Varnish


Another super chunky glitter nail polish from Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish! Like the copper one I swatched yesterday, GT04 is a very glittery thick green. I love green. There are some real strengths to the glitter polishes; they are so densely packed and not wishy washy at all.

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT03 Nail Swatch (No. 3) A Copper Bronze Varnish!


Today’s polish is Tony Moly Galaxy Polish in GT03, one of my favourites which is a rich copper and bronze.  The base is sort of a golden brown but you can’t see it for all the glitter! It looks a bit simple in there but on the nail there is more too it; copper, gold, red, even a hint of blue.

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT02 Nail Swatch (No. 2)


Today I have Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT02 which is a dark navy blue base (to me anyway) with tons of micro sparkles. It is similar to GT01 (reviewed yesterday) although the glitter is finer and there are fewer contrasts in the colour. I think it’s more elegant GT01. The glitters in this are red, blue, some gold. It feels finer on the nail than the other polishes which are like sandpaper!  

Super Duper Glitter Nail Varnishes! Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT01 Swatch!


I love a shimmery and glittery polish – why? Because any idiot can apply a glitter polish and make it look good, present company included. Having said that I despise removing them -urgh.  But I love the effect. I either don’t wear a polish or wear something quite striking, nothing inbetween. When I spotted these Tony Moly Galaxy polishes back in June (I know, I’m so behind) I had to buy all of them!  Tony […]

Relax! It’s Friday! Tony Moly Lavender Aroma Soothing Gel Review


Tony Moly is another one of those Korean brands I am really into at the moment! They’re range is so vast it’s very hard to know what it covers – I mean, Tony Moly does hair care, skin care, make up, health products etc. I love products that are relaxing – it’s my new thing. This is a ‘aroma’ gel which smells of Lavender: True story: I hated the smell of lavender until this year. […]

Cheap, Cheerful Korean Blushes! Tony Moly Crystal Blusher in 07 and 03 Review and Swatches


For some reason if there’s one item of make up I forget to put on it’s blusher.  I think it’s because I spend the longest time on my eyeshadow, I always use some kind of concealer or foundation – and by the time I’ve done that I don’t have much time left for anything else! These Tony Moly blushers look kinda plastic but are rather nice soft subtle shades. I bought 03 Pleasure Peach and […]

Tony Moly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream SPF30 Review


I’ve bought a few things from Tony Moly, all in interesting packaging, like the coffee cup and the egg – now I have an ice cream! The Ice Queen range has a few different things, some face masks but I chose this Sun Cream (SPF 30). They Say: It protects skin from UVA and UVB and prevents aging.It cuts off harmful effects of cosmetics and air pollution on skin to prevents skin irritation, blackheads and […]

Cutest Packaging Ever? Tony Moly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub


I keep finding more and more wacky skincare and make up packaging – very cute but not very practical but hey, who cares?! When I saw this Tony Moly Latte Art Cream in Scrub I had to try it because…well, it looks like this: Yep, that’s a face scrub, not a coffee, not a ornament. It’s a face scrub. It even has a spoon. The Tony Moly Latte Art range has 2 products, Cream in […]

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