Tony Moly Nail Shuffle (Creamy Glitter Colours) Review and Swatches!


I have been trying to downsize my cosmetic collection AGAIN, and I’ve been coming across tons of make up I purchased but haven’t used yet.  These cute nail polishes – ‘speckled egg’ styles ones from Korean brand, Tony Moly were in one of my ‘to review’ boxes.  There are 5 colours – the full range I believe, in five different hues.  They are called Nail Shuffle – Tony Moly has a vast collection of nail […]

Tony Moly Happy Holiday Collection 2013


How did I miss this super cute Christmas collection from Tony Moly?  It’s the Happy Holiday collection and there are some limited edition colours in special cute packaging.  Christmas specific collections from Korea are uncommon, so this is a really sweet collection. Shame I found out about it so late – anything ordered now won’t arrive in time from Korea for Christmas (unless you use the pricy EMS option?).  Nevertheless, feast your eyes on: Two […]

Tony Moly Nail Polish Lacquer Glitter in Wonder Woman Red & Blue


The first time I paid attention to Tony Moly’s nail polishes was with their rather spectacular Galaxy polishes - since then I’ve kept an eye on their other releases.  When I spotted this rather small Wonder Woman collection, containing a striking Wonder Blue GS11 and Wonder Red GS12 I had to buy them! Both of these polishes are super glittery with small silver particles and larger rounds chunks of blue and red glitter.  I think these […]

Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara Review (Curl & Longlash, Volume & Longlash)


Tony Moly is another Korean beauty brand, not one of my favourites I have to say, but they do good nail polishes and a large selection of BB creams (none dark enough for me).  I was completely suckered in by the CUTENESS of these mascara’s – Cats Wink in two formulas, Curl & Longlash, Volume & Longlash.  In my experience, Japanese mascaras are better than Korean ones for curl hold and durability. I have yet […]

So Cute! Tony Moly Nail Polish in Milky Way (GS08), Shooting Star (GS09), Pinky Star (GS10) Swatches and Review!


Korean brand, Tony Moly have a really big stable of nail polishes that tend to belong to a certain “family” of polishes (e. Trendy, or Neon or the amazing Galaxy Nail Polishes).  However, I’ve banned myself from buying nail polishes of late because I have so many but almost inevitably, I have very little time to apply and remove it.  Then I saw these super duper cute almost circus like polishes from Tony Moly which […]

Tony Moly Neon Nail Polish in NE02 Bright Orange Swatch


Another Tony Moly Nail Polish! They have yet another small series of colours called neon, which consists of a neon pink, neon blue and this neon orange/coral. I love a tacky neon polish! This orange is no where near as bright as I expected though! It isn’t muted, don’t get me wrong! But it isn’t quite as luminous as I expected.

Nude and Trendy! Tony Moly Trendy Nail Polish Haul & Swatches!


I wonder if you can suddenly catch a beauty disease?  I think I have temporarily dropped the lipstick disease for the nail polish one.  I can’t stop buying them! I generally favour bright shades, like hot pinks and corals – they look best with my skintone although I am growing to like these sort of dirty muted nudes too.  These are the shades you’d buy jumpers in right? For work? Tony Moly polishes are lovely, […]

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT05 Nail Swatch (No. 5) Purple Glitter Nail Varnish


Finally the 5th and final shade in the Tony Moly Galaxy collection is GT05 a purple toned polish.  It has purple and blue glitters and is quite chunky. I know a lot of people who love purple polishes although it’s not really my thing – they seem to look better on other people!

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