Meet Matt(e) Nude – The Balm Matte Eyeshadow Palette Review


Here’s the thing. I HATE cardboard packaging. What is the point? Is it waterproof? NO! Does it look and feel nice? No! But still, there are endless being products being…

The Balm Cindy-Loud Manizer Highlighter Review


I never thought of myself as someone who has time to use a highlighter in my make up routine, and day to day, I don’t, but for special occasions –…

The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Anti Shine Face Powder Review


The Balm, for all intents and purposes is a very cute brand to use and I have tried some bits and pieces from their range that have been quite successful….

The Balm Cabana Boy Shadow and Blusher Review


Although I haven’t tried The Balm that much (or should we say enough) I am very found indeed of the face powders I have tried. Cabana Boy has been around…

3 Gorgeous Peachy Sun Kissed Blushers under £15

I present to you three perfect, peachy golden blushers for the dying summer that suit a large range of skin tones. Dare I say it – they are all similar…

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