Tesshu Collection Make Up Brushes: Eye Shadow Brush & Shadow Under Liner Brush


I have reviewed Tesshu or Tesshyu brushes before and found them to be gorgeous, a real investment. A few months go I invested in the non portable versions of their brushes, the Shadow Under Liner Brush (for under the eyes and also great for tight lining) and Eye Shadow Brush Large: The brushes come in plastic packaging – quite swish really! They are blue handled – there is also a more expensive red handle range.

Japanese Crafted Make Up Brushes: Tesshyu Collection Double Ended Make Up Brushes Review


Every now and then, I buy something that becomes my pride and joy. Previous pride-and-joyers include: 1) My first Mulberry Bayswater Bag 2) My Gameboy 3) My Macbook 4) A first edition version of The Usborne Detective Guides! And now…these beauties! Tesshyu Collection brushes are by Mr Tesshu Takemori who is a brush artisan. He personally chooses the materials to make his brushes which (the website says!) are crafted by his hand with care. Oh […]

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