Tell Me: Why is it so hard to find….

The topic of finding a sticky, clear gloss came up the other day when a reader wanted to know if I had found one to use to stick glitter to my eyes. I had found one (Miss Sporty) but only just. It occurred to me then….some things should exist but are might hard to locate…. For example, here are 3 things I was looking for recently – 1. A clear, non scented, non plumping, sticky […]

Tell Me: What beauties are you bored of?

Good Afternoon, my beauties! I have so, so much to post about, I just don’t have the time to do it all. Stuff coming up include my 24 Carat Gold Facial, and a super sparkly Tutorial look. Also lots of gift recommendations etc. etc. Hopefully, you are enjoying the December Posts even if there aren’t as many going up as quickly as I had hoped…. Anyway – I want to ask you a question… Beauty […]

Tell Me: Which make up counter has beyatches?

Yesterday I made a quick dash to the local shopping centre (hellish – too many Christmas shoppers getting in my way. Online shopping people! Why wasn’t I online shopping? Why darling, when I need a sparkly mauve lipstick, I need it now). Whilst I was in Boots, I was accosted by a bizarre lady from the Benefit counter who grabbed me and asked where I got my brows done. I know a sales woman when […]

What’s your beauty obsessions?

Believe it or not, I am a little obsessed with make up. When my make up obsessions take hold there is no stopping me. I go through fads. I am that chick that has a breadmaker, a yogurt maker, a doughnut maker and an exercise bike. I buy things in threes. I buy entire ranges if I like the formula. I buy things based on packaging. I buy things that have a certain word in […]

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