Melvita Prosun Gradual Self Tanning Moisturising Gel Cream Review


Something you don’t see reviewed very often on this blog is fake tan – I am not a big fake tan user, because I have a tan tone to my skin already plus I am always worried about looking orange or fake.  I am also not fan of the biscuit smell as it starts to develop – to me it smells like biscuits and stewed tea…not very glam!  I’ve had this Melvita Prosun Gradual Self […]

Want to protect your tan and dye yourself orange? Try Melvita Huile de Carotte Carrot Oil


So whilst I was on holiday I got heatstroke. Stupid really – I am not used to being in the sun and I basically toasted myself for 6 hours in the hardcore sun like someone who…has no idea how to behave in the sun. My brain, quite rightly, came to a standstill (arguably not for the first time) whilst we had dinner that night and I keeled over in a restaurant. Mr C finds it […]

Golden or Orange? Xen Tan Spray Tan Review


Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I was fretting very much about my impending spray tan for various reasons – 1. I’m scared of fake tan 2. I’m don’t like standing nude or semi-nude in front of other people 3. To get the girls out, or not? Hmmm. With much trepidation, I went to my local Selfridges for a Xen-Tan spray tan. One bit of comfort I had is that […]

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