My new snack obsession: Meji Meltykiss Chocolate Sweets


Since this is the season of gorging I seriously had to share with you my new favourite treats! I saw these on eBay and decided to get them because generally, I love Meji sweets! Theres Meltykiss chocolates are limited edition and I got one in Strawberry and one in Green Tea. I LOVE them. I especially love the green tea ones – I couldn’t stop eating them it’s like my run in with Reece’s Peanut […]

Non Make Up Haul: Cyber Candy and finally – Twinkies!


Wandering through the streets in London I spotted Cyber Candy, which a reader had previously told me about! They seel lots of sweets, snacks and drinks drinks from around the world. It is hideously overpriced and heaven for every shop lifter! Here’s what I bought: I was quite restrained – the prices were too high! I picked up a pack of White Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (my true love), a Twinkie for Mr C, […]

Crazy Purchase of the Week: Collagen Marshmallows Eat Yourself Beautiful


You know I love my beauty inventions right? Well here is my latest find – Collagen Marshmallows. An invention from Japan, these mashmallows come in 50g snack packs and each packet apparently contains 3000mg of collagen peptides. Yes I can see your eyes rolling from here… Here’s the Mashmallows – quite tasty I think they are grapefruit flavoured: They say: Collagen is the most abundant natural protein found in the body, making up 30% of […]

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