Hissyfit Lip Service Lip Gloss Review in Guava Review


The final product I tried out from the snazzily named Hissyfit range is this Lip Service lip gloss/balm – with an impressive SPF 50. It comes in four shades and a clear. Hissyfit’s lip service has shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e and like I mentioned earlier, a SPF of 50. I chose Guava because it looked like a pretty pink. In the flesh its actually more of a sheer red. They say: This […]

Hissyfit Handy Work Hand Cream Anti Aging Sunscreen Review


You know what gives someones age away even when their faces are pulled tight? Their hands, their neck and their inability to stop acting like they know better ALL THE TIME. Handy work by Hissyfit is a SPF 30 hand cream in a rather nice Orange Mint scent. Its also hydrating and has anti ageing properties. Whilst the skin on my hands are lovely and smooth now, I know I will have to start using […]

Hissyfit Saving Face Anti Ageing Sunscreen Tinted Foundation Review


Hissyfit’s Saving Face is a all in one product – it is tinted and comes in 8 shades (foundation, tick), its hydrating (moisturiser, tick), its anti-ageing (tick) and has a whopping SPF 50 and UVA/UVB protection. Needless to say, I was excited to try this out because its so imporatnt to use SPF on the face…and also because I’m lazy. So far I am loving this product. It feels like its thick in texture but […]

Super Sunscreen: Hissyfit Tinted Sunscreen, Lip Service and Hand Cream


What are Australian’s good at? Well…BBQs, Volleyball, Breeding Koalas and…Sunscreen. Fabulous sunscreen. They get a lot of sun down under, ya see. They take their sunscreen seriously, because its just stupid NOT to. So I was extremely happy to get a package from Hissyfit to review. The weather is warming up over here and with dreams of a beach holiday – this is just what I need! They say: Hissyfit was created to produce a […]

Skin Saver: Elemis Liquid Layer Sunblock SPF 30 Review


I am a bit of a SPF Sun Cream addict. I buy a lot and even though I live in a rainy, cold, dull town with little sunshine I am aware of how important it is to have some SPF in my everyday routine. Generally speaking, I go for foundations with SPF in them, so I am covered. However, recently I’ve been cutting back on base usage, and using just concealer and a bit of […]

Review: Kao Biore UV Moist Face Milk SPF Protection Lotion!


If you don’t want to get too wrinkly, said the Prune to the Pineapple, then stay out of the sun! Alas, no one has ever said that to me, not a prune or a pineapple because I live in England, and a rain sodden part of the country too. Sun would be a fine thing. Nevertheless, friends I have from the sunnier climes are quite religious with SPF. Indeed, in Asia, the UV Milk is […]

Jill Stuart Pure Brightening UV Day Care Powder


As soon as I saw this pic, I knew I had to have it: Jill Stuarts ultra pretty Pure Day Care Powder is not just a cosmetic item. It has an SPF of 15, is brightening (it says so in the title!), and can deal with problems like spots, oily bits and so on. I’ve always had quite good luck with so called ‘Acne Care Powders’ of Japanese origin – white talc like powders you […]

No. 5: Skinfood Broccoli UV Sun Cream SPF42


I am still reviewing all the Skinfood products I own – there aren’t that many but I am slowly learning more about the brand. So far I have mad more sucesses than misses. Next up is one of my newer purchases – the Broccoli Sun Cream with a high protection factor of SPF42. I mentioned in a previous review I like odd flavours and smells. There was also a tomato sun cream but I opted […]

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