Estee Lauder Day Wear Advanced Multi Protections UV Defence SPF50 Cream Review!


One of the reasons I have always been slightly reluctant to wear sunscreen in my day to day life is because a. I like the idea that I have tough Asian skin and I don’t need no sun care protection, yo! (well…none of the women in my family use it and they’re fine) b. sunscreens can be quite oily and leave a whitish cast on the skin.  That’s not to say I haven’t found some […]

Holiday Speed Reviews! Sun Prise SPF 50 Smooth Primer & Fresh Sun Powder Reviews!


The thing about a brand as big as Etude House (Korean) is that they sort of think of sub brands that cater for everything. One of the newest ranges that caught my eye was Sun Prise, a range of sun protection products.  The range has a high SPF of 50 and is more beauty related than normal sun products.  I got 2 items, the Smooth Primer and Fresh Sun Powder from eBay: How cute is […]

Kose Nature & Co Pure White Day Care Essence Vs Mint & Tea Sun Protector Review


Sun screen, oh sun screen. After my Elemis skin scan I will no longer leave the house without Sunscreen! I recently bought 2 sunscreens (how many times can I say that?) from Kose’s Nature & Co brand.  Nature & Co is a really interesting range and one of the first Japanese ‘natural’ ranges. I bought the older one, which is the Pure White Care Day Essence and the newest release Mint & Tea Sun Protector. […]

Daily Sunscreen: Kanebo Freshel White C UV Day Gel SPF31 Review


I am trying to be more careful with sunscreen – I’ve noticed my skin looking more tired and aged, as well as the fact I am getting darker and darker despite not going on holiday (sob!) or indeed sitting in the sun for any length of time. So I bought a number of face SPF, body sunscreens and so on to ‘try’ and be more careful with UV protection!  One I’d like to present to […]

Tony Moly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream SPF30 Review


I’ve bought a few things from Tony Moly, all in interesting packaging, like the coffee cup and the egg – now I have an ice cream! The Ice Queen range has a few different things, some face masks but I chose this Sun Cream (SPF 30). They Say: It protects skin from UVA and UVB and prevents aging.It cuts off harmful effects of cosmetics and air pollution on skin to prevents skin irritation, blackheads and […]

SPF LOVE: Laboratoire Remede Translucent UV Top Coat Review


I know, I know, you’re supposed to wear sunscreen every day but I’m kinda lazy and I forget despite having many lovely sunscreens to my disposal. Sometimes, with a serum, a cream, a primer, a foundation, a powder…it just feels a little too much to sandwich in a sunscreen too. However, a make up artist told me to start using SPF and fast, because my face was clearly darker than the rest of me – […]

Review: Badger Balm Bali Balm Soothing After Sun in a Tin is Super!


When I went on holiday earlier this year, I did something stupid and sun bathed for hours and hours. It was daft considering I am not remotely used to the sun – yes I was SPF’d up but every individual can only tolerate so much sun. I was badly burnt, and in the evening had sunstroke and gave up my dinner. Yes, that’s right. Sit too long in the sun = you don’t get to […]

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