Review: Vanilla Scented Xen-Tan!

Everywhere I looked (well ok, Selfridges beauty hall) I kept seeing the name Xen-Tan…so of course I had to try it out. The thing with fake tan is that every week there’s a new one…every one making the same old promises. Not orange. Non streaky. Not smelly. Most lie. I am not a fake tan fan but I can be persuaded into anything apart from eating liver. Chills, chills. Xen-Tan say: XEN-TAN (pronounced ZEN-TAN) the […]

Australia’s Best Known Sunscreen: Invisible Zinc

Sun protection is so important, especially if you want to avoid premature aging, but if you are lazy like me, you can forget or it can feel heavy to have a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, foundation etc. Enter Invisible Zinc: This sunscreen from Oz uses Zinc to protect against the sun. What makes Zinc so special? Zinc Oxide is a NATURAL, PHYSICAL sunscreening agent that sits on your skin refl ecting dangerous UVA and UVB rays. […]

Review: Guerlain Terracotta Powder Kohl Liner in Lagon Bleu 05

There are some things that I just have to have. These include: 1. Reeces Peanut Butter Cups on demand 2. Milk Latte before 9.30am every weekday 3. A parcel a day – even if its something hideous… Add Guerlain Kohl powder liners to the list. When I saw this Lagon Bleu liner a part of the Summer Collection I squealed for I am a collector of these lovely little liners. Lagon Bleu, I am *sure* […]

Nars 2009 Summer Collection – Tropic Eyeshadow


Nars has a tropical collection together for the summer – documented here. I went to see the collection a few days ago. The two products that stood out to me was Tropic Solo Eyeshadow, similar to the Night series, super glittery, and the lipgloss, a cool tones mauve with gold. However, I am on a lip product ban, since I have far too many as it is. So I just bought Tropic: Tropic is described […]

YSL Summer 2009 Tresor D’Afrique Collection


UPDATE: I regret buying the stupid eyeshadow palette so much. It’s pigmented but still a bit chalky and I still concede that there should be one shimmer in the palette. Argh! I wish I could get a refund! Do you like YSL? I liked the brand although its not one I buy from that often. It was hard not to like the Tresor D’Arfrique collection after seeing the promo: Hot, eh? It was pretty much […]

Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeshadow in Sea Mist


If Estee Lauder was a pair of pants, they would be granny pants, and not even good ones that suck you in, the ones that are elasticated and are fraying slightly. It’s not a brand I buy from at all – just not interesting enough, but I found myself drawn to their new Double Wear Eyeshadows. I die for cream eyeshadows. I really really really do. But I have a criteria. 5 Cream Eyeshadow Commandments: […]

Kiss Rouge G Pure Peach and Pure Apricot – Gloss in a stick!


Kiss (or Passion NY) is not a Japanese brand I pay that much attention too, but sometimes they come up with cute stuff. I noticed their new shades in the Rouge Kiss G range (glossy type). Kiss always pick girls to model for them that look around 13 and are as pasty as hell. Hey, nothing wrong with being pasty. It’s the slightly pervy-13-but-seductive look I think is weird. I got two shades, Pure Apricot […]

Elizabeth Arden Summer Sunlit Bronze Collection 2009

A bit like granny pants and tea cosies, Elizabeth Arden is not one of the counters I ever stop at. I used to like 8 hour cream but with so many other fancy goodies around its not something I’ve touched for a while. I was having one of those Friday afternoon strolls after work and what happened…the sparkliest peach-coral-orange lipgloss caught my eye. Horror of horrors – it was on the Elizabeth Arden counter. And […]

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