Unboxing: My New Make Up Case!


So I told you girls a few days ago I ordered a make up case. It arrived, a LOT bigger than I thought it would be but never mind… It also had a dint in the side – luckily we live close enough to the factory so we went to exchange it (I bought it from eBay). Be aware that couriers are a little cack handed when dealing with heavy boxes. Anyway here it is! […]

Hauled It: My New Beauty Case!


Alright – so I shouldn’t be buying more make up storage, I should be downsizing but its a hard job! I have 2 ikea cabinets, a large pink cabinet, three large plastic drawers for skincare samples, a Japonesque make up trolley then about 5-6 make up bags with my day to day bits and pieces. Well…I’m sick to death of having so many bags to rummage through in the mornings – in the end I […]

Quick Beauty Tip: Where to get storage pots for pigment

I hate dealing with pigments on a day to day basis – they get everywhere but the best way to carry or use my many many loose powder shadows is to put them into those stackable pots. However – I was shocked when they charged me a whopping £4.60 for a 6 tier stackable – its EMPTY for christssake! Talk about taking advantage. Muji and Chemists also sell the empty stackable but I find them […]

Stash Pics!


Just gratuity. I was going to write down every product I have but about 2 draws in I considered putting my head in a gas oven instead so I stopped. Nevertheless, maybe one day I’ll get round to it. Eyeliners, lippies etc. Palettes: More palettes: Solo shadows: Gel Liners: Cream eyeshadows: Lips: Random – I can’t be arsed now drawer: Liquid liners and bases: Blushers: Lips Part 2: Nars: Mineral Make Up: Bases: Skin Powders: […]

Cutest Beauty Storage, EVER!


So after my threading experience that left me in tears (see post below) I spotted this absolutely perfect pink, curvy, OTT storage drawers in a discount kitchen shop. I’d spotten them ages about but the price tag was well over £100. This one was a ex-display and was….£45! I had a closer look and everything was fine, just needed a little wipe. How please am I! the drawers are quite spacious and its a very […]

Stash Focus

I cannot ignore it. I have to sort and organise my entire make up collection in the next few weeks and it will not be an easy task. So whilst I have to do it, I may as well take some pics of everything with the hope that the pictures will help other people with their purchases. So tell me, how would you like to see the photos organised? By make up type? By brand? […]

Good Lord! Excellent Customer Service!

Its not very often that I think somewhere has great, or even decent customer service. That’s because I always seem to shop where there are annoying, unhelpful, disinterested and damn right rude staff and where the companies have stupid policies. But I do think I have found quite a gem. Now its not quite a make up or fashion company but do bear with me! Lakeland Limited, I think has a bit of a naff […]

RMK Eyeshadows in Aveda Palette!

Since it is nearly 2008 and I am hoping for an organised year, I bought a nifty little 6 tray set to keep my make up truly organised – £9.99 from Bargain store Wilkos! Plastic is good so I can wipe clean, and it is light, and the trays are wide but shallow so no rummagin around. Whilst I was on the path or organisation, I decided my beautiful RMK shadows were not getting enough […]

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