Hauled it: Stila Talking Smoky Eye Palette

I joined Brand Alley* a while ago, because I noticed that Stila was on sale there. I bought this Stila Talking Eye Palette in Smoky – I have wanted it for a while but it retailed for about £30-£40 I think. I got it for about £8 from Brand Alley… I like Stila but I don’t love it. I do adore the Convertible Colours but that’s about it. Still a bargain is a bargain: The […]

5 White Lip Colours you should try!


White, silver, light shimmers – normally used to tone down pigmented lips or as a topping to another colour. I wear these kinds of colours very lightly (they are on a bit thicker for the swatches) but they are bright, fun and plumping! Stila Vanilla Lip Glaze: This is a very light beige and it smells lovely. It has tiny sparkles in it too. RMK Gloss Lips 09: This is lovely, a white colour with […]

5 hot plummy purple lips I like


I am doing a lip colour special for the next two weeks – I have been sorting my drawer of lip colours (what a waste! So many glosses that are bound to go off!) and I have complied 5 of my favourite purple and plummy lip colours to begin with. Stila Lip Glaze in Pomegranite: Thick glossy texture – one of my very first make up obsessions was the lip glazes! Stila is no more […]

Stila Pulling out of the UK?


I haven’t bought Stila for a while and now I’ve figured out why! Stila are pulling out of all markets apart from the US. Boo! I remember when Stila were hot – one of the first items I lusted after was the Lip Glaze, many moons ago. Quite sad news although their products should be availble from sites like Strawberrynet and eBay for quite a while.

Happy Day After Valentines Day!

Did everyone have a good day? I don’t see the big deal sometimes *moaning already?!* – but I am sure I made a bigger deal of it when I was looking for a boyfriend but when you’re in comfortable coupledom, I’m more of a – ‘Leave the flowers, let’s go and stuff our faces instead’, kinda gal. Valentine’s is in my I’m-not-that-interested holiday, along with Pancake Day, Take your child to work day and Uncle’s […]

Stila Palettes & The Year of the Rat

Today is Chinese New Year! Happy New Year to anyone who celebrates Chinese New Year! It is the year of the rat. I am a Rooster, and roughly speaking my predictions for this year are: Cut back on extravagances. [Does this include Lavshuca?] You Roosters are not very flexible and tend to crowd yourselves into a corner. [I am very flexible, tut] If you’re working, then the job becomes the only thing you can think […]

Stila New Look Website Launch

Stila was amazing when it was launched, although it hasn’t come up with anything particuraly innovative over the last couple of years. It does sell the old favourites though, like Lip Glazes, Convertable Colour and Smudge Pots. This Dandy eye palette also talks to you and tells you how to apply the eyeshadow (purely a gimmick – I am guessing you would listen to it – er, once?!). It costs £35 in the UK which […]

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