Super Cute Korean Goodies! Stationery Package


Girls who read this blog regularly will know that I just love cute stationery and note books! Since I was a kid I always had the most impressive pencil case and notebooks – I am still extremely fussy now about what paper I will and won’t write on! Nutty, I know! So when I was sent this lovely package from, a website based in…well Seoul, Korea, that sells stationery, make up, skincare, clothes….I was […]

Sunday Hauling: Shopping in the Muji Bargain Bin!


Muji, Muji, how I love thee. So the other day I did some hauling – I noticed some bargain bins in the store and ended up picking up some random bits which I thought I’d share! Remember when I reviewed The Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki? She recommended using a swan neck bottle to perform a water massage on the face. I could not find a swan neck bottle anywhere (there might be another […]

Random, Cute Stationery Haul: Handmade Stamps from Home Bargains


Apart from loving notebooks, I also love stamps, beads, art supplies in general – including stamps! I find that handmade stamps, or the ones that come on woodblocks can be quite expensive, about £4+ each. Well during a visit to Home Bargains (a discount store in England – I LOVE it) I found these stamps: There’s a mixture of stamps – Happy Birthday, Thankyou, even Muchas Gracias! I think they’ll come in use and are […]

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