Thai Spas in Manchester Reviews: Nattaya, The Eastern Spa & The One


I didn’t have the best experience the first time I went for a Thai massage – I went to a salon that was slightttllyyyy on the rough side and the whole experience was messy.  Fast forward a few years and you can barely move for the Thai massage salons open in Manchester (my town!).  It’s interesting how such a specialist area has become popular enough to warrant so many new salons but after a few […]

Spa Review: Massage at The Thai Square Spa, Covent Garden


I visited the Thai Square Spa in the heart of Covent Garden recently – and to be honest I was worried after this little debacle. Thankfully, as soon as I arrived at the Thai Square Spa I knew I was dealing with a different kettle of fish… Inside the Spa, in the reception area which is spotless, is an area for nails and toes, and a rather cool eating area (I didn’t have time to […]

50% at Thai Square Spa Covent Garden throughout December 2010!


It’s a shame I don’t live further dawwnn saaaff cos if I did I would definitely visit Thai Square Spa, located in Covent Garden London. Opening on the 09th December, this converted victorian warehouse brings a traditional Thai spa experience to the heart of London. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try an authentic Thai spa experience! Maybe it’s just because I live for Thai Food…I imagine something intense, hot and relaxing! Anyway, you will get 50% […]

Do you really need this? The UKs first Sauna Etiquette Poster


I got an interesting press release telling me that the UKs first Sauna Etiquette Poster had been released. I was interested because Spas are still a new thing to me. (As my mother would say, Pampering?! Waz that?!). I still sit there like a fiddly schoolgirl, wondering if I keep my pants on or take them off, bra on or bra off, or am I supposed to have my hair down or have my hair […]

Spa in the City! Sienna Spa at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel Manchester Review


I am obsessed with Groupon deals! It’s one of those sites where you sign up for free and you get daily offers for your town. So far I have used it for meals and for 2 treatments and I’ve been really happy with it (not been paid by the way to promote them! Just happy to get a bargain!). I bought a deal for Sienna Spa, where I paid £20 for £50 worth of Spa […]

Speed Review: Heaven Spa at The Hilton, Manchester


**Update: my shoulder is absolutely KILLING me after this massage. It feels like the muscle over my shoulder blade is pulling in the wrong place. Ouch** I purchased a Wahanda Mobdeal (think they are great) for Heaven Spa located in Manchester at the rather posh Hilton Hotel last week. (When I say posh, I mean posh like how Organic Muesli is posh compared to Frosties, or how Nandos is compared to KFC. Its just a […]

Weekend Pampering: Eastthorpe Hall Health & Beauty Spa Review


Last year I was invited to visit Eastthorpe Hall. I only managed to haul my bot down there a few weeks ago for a half day visit and what an experience it was! Where? Eastthorpe Hall is located in West Yorkshire, Mirfield. It took me about 35 mins to get there from Manchester in the car. They Say… “As if being voted the best Day Spa in Britain at the prestigious British Beauty and Spa […]

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