5 Bronzing Powders for people who don’t like Bronzers…


My mission – to find natural(ish), skin enhancing, warmth inducing bronzers that are more tanned brown goddess than orange day glo. There are so many nasty tans out there. I am a tan-o-phobic. The smell of fake tan – that malty, mouldy, cardboardy smell is like the smell of a fart for me. There are good and bad of expensive and drugstore brands but what I personally hate in bronzers is anything: 1. Too orange. […]

5 red lipsticks you should try


It’s a soft, summery day in England, and I have already been run off my feet. Yesterday, baby Gomez bounce bounce bounced herself off a bed meaning my evening consisted of sitting in A&E with drunks with broken wrists and whiny children. Today I have been on a bag hut, and ended up in the Mulberry shop making three purchases, for auntie, for mama and for me. God I love handbags. This followed by a […]

Sonia Rykiel Haul


Sonia Rykiel is a Japanese cosmetics brand (even though the designer herself is European) – its one of the higher end brands that can be a little tricky to get hold of and it’s priced a little more than the likes of say, MAQuillage. I have a few goodies from Sonia Rykiel – a face powder which is just lovely, some lipglosses and a lipstick. I made a mini Sonia haul this week: Lipstick in […]

Sonia Rykiel Haul

I decided to get back to my love of Japanese Cosmetics, and try out Sonia Rykiel make up(Sonia is a French designer) and her range is produced by Albion. The packaging is black and simple but I love the stripey detail! Here’s the haul: Here are the two lip glosses I decided to try – they are fairly thick and opaque for glosses so give a good amount of colour: I tried their Gel Blusher. […]

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