Review: Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream

I am still completely determined to find the right BB cream for me. So far all of the ones I have tried are too pale, or give me a rash or don’t last long on my oily skin. My latest purchase from eBay is this Mushroom BB Cream from Skinfood. I bought it because I had heard this particular range (mushroom) runs a little dark so I got it in shade 02: Mushroom on your […]

Tuesday Giveaway: Skinfood Banana Yoghurt Mask

Its 10 days of giveaways girls, as I attempt to hand out some booty and free up some space for that pony I’ve been saving up for! International readers welcome and you may enter as many giveaways as you like. Also look out for our 10 day Sleek palette giveaway running til the 20th November! All winners announced on the 23rd November. The Prize: I bought 2 of these so I have decided to give […]

Review: Skinfood Rice Tip Concealer

I am always looking for new, quirky products from Skinfood to use. I was browsing on eBay a few weeks ago and I ended up buying this Rice Tip Concealer for about £7 (seller: ohmyalice). This concealer is supposed to contain rice embryo for a brightening effect and banana extra for moisture….mmm, ok. It comes in a convenient sponge tip tube and comes in a few shades – I got 02. The texture is a […]

Review: Skinfood Choco Melt Lip Tube Glosses

My addiction to Skinfood lives on, although it may be stalled for a little while as Royal Mail prepare to strike – International Packages take a helluva long time in these circumstances and I am very impatient. *sobs* Anyway – I spotted these Choco Melt Lip Tube Glosses in 5 colours so bought two as they were only about £5 each: I got no 3 x Peach Coral and 4 x Lovely Pink. See the […]

Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer and Brightening Powder

As regular readers will know, I am obsessed with Skinfood, a Korean brand that has lots of unusual make up and skincare combinations. Next up is the Salmon Dark Circle Concealer and Brightening Powder! According to some, the ideal shade of concealer is not yellow or beige for dark circles – its salmon. I generally don’t like Salmon – do you? I like Sashimi (raw salmon) as long as its the freshest, nicest salmon you […]

Banana Mascara Review: Skinfood Long Lash Curl Mascara

When I mentioned this Banana mascara a few days ago, a few people asked “Did you say Banana Mascara?” Yes I did, and here it is! This product is by Skinfood, a Korean brand I am very fond of because they have good products and really interesting food/skincare combos. The Salmon concealer. The Garlic face cream. The Cheese face mask. See how the banana curveeesss? Well that is what this mascara is supposed to do […]

An update on the Skinfood Fruit Lip & Cheek Colours

The haul post I did on the Skinfood fruit bowl colours was very popular so I, heartbreakingly, stuck my finger in the colours so that you can see swatches. Sob Sob. The texture is medium, neither too hard or too soft. It is very pigmented, especially the darker colours and aren’t too oily either so they work nicely on the cheeks too. Here is the seller too, for people who asked. I paid £9 with […]

Fruit Bowl Beauty: Skinfood Lip & Cheek Fruit Colors

I did a bit of Skinfood hauling on eBay (you may have noticed) and I bought these cheek and lip colours. I was only going to buy one but…instead I ended up buying all of them. THE COLOURS ARE REALLY DIFFERENT, OK!? Each colour is made for lip and cheek, comes in a small tin and each one has a particular scent depending on its fruity flavour and the colours are just gorgeous! A rosy […]

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