Current Skincare Routine: Environ Aquatrol, Cleansing Cream AVST, Rad and Eye Gel


It’s time for a skincare update ladies! For the past few months I have been using a skincare range called Environ. It’s a salon only brand and it is only sold to customers after a consultation because the products are quite potent. I was sent a whole set of skincare to try after a consultation at my local stockists: Aquatrol – a oil based make up remover/pre cleanser. Cleansing Cream, AVST Moisturising Toner, AVST 1 […]

A little skincare routine update: Origins Dr Weil and Planscription False Start!


I already declared my love for the SkinCeutials skincare range but I must take a quick interlude to tell you that I took a break from it to try out a well known range – Dr Andrew Weil (Face lotion and face cream) which is for sensitive skin and the very famous Plantscription which is an anti aging serum. I believe the serum is really aimed at people in their late 30s+ so I am […]

Skincare Routine Update: Week 1 (with Karin Herzog) is Spot-a-rama

I’ve decided to do little updates to my new skincare routine for when I am specifically testing out a brand. At the moment, I am using Karin Herzog – using these products. Starting out with any new skincare if tough and I am finding it a rocky road at the moment its like that. My skincare consulation says: If you see additional breakouts initially they will be around the jaw. This will be due to […]

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