Shu Uemura Primitribe Painting Gel Eyeliner in Turquoise

I am addicted to gel eyeliners, so when I saw the three pretty colors from the Shu Uemura Primal collection I knew I had to get one. There were three shades, Citrine (yellow) Turquoise (erm, turquoise) and Spinel (hot pink). These are LE and come with the special packaging: I am super fussy about my gel liners – I don’t like overly dry ones or flaky ones or the ones that take too long to […]

New Shu Uemura Nobara Stick Foundation and Brow Gel

Shu Uemura’s Nobara Foundation has been one of my favourites or a while – its a cream foundation which is crazy rich, creamy, gives great coverage. But alas, it was discontinued. Browsing the Shu site I noticed one of their latest products- the Nobara foundation in a stick! ($42) Oh my god! I need! And that’s not all….

Randomosity: My new Shu Uemura Palette

Shu Uemura brought out a large palette costing £25 which takes 36 shadows or 18 blushers. My Shu Shadows don’t get much love so I decided to pick out my favs and put them in my big palette. Here it is: Notice the colors with a dip in them are the metallic shades from the older formula (before it got a nice posh, sturdy thick case). They are delicious, the best shadows in the world, […]

My Shu Uemura Eyeshadow Collection

First Crush My first ever true make up brand love belongs to Shu Uemura. As soon as I knew that I could collect the eyeshadows and depot them into custom made palettes, I knew it was over for me and the bank balance. Sienna Miller of Make Up These days, the truth is that I have a lot of make up and am a little bit of a hussy – I kind of grab what […]

A plea to Shu Uemura…..

One excellent thing MAC does is the Back to MAC program, which I am sure most of you know is when you can take 6 empty products back to MAC and you get to choose a free lippie or eyeshadow. Now I plead with Shu Uemura to do the same! I for one always take my Shu Shadows out of their plastic cases and put them into their palettes. I have kept all my empties […]

Review: Shu Uemura Painting Gel Liner is for…painting?!


Did I ever tell you that Shu Uemura was my first true make up love and obsession? Without them I would be reading a book now and sipping champagne because I’d be £100000 richer. Happy to see Shu Uemura’s new liner – the Paining Gel Liner, a long lasting pigment ‘cream’ for the eyes. The colour is supposed to be waterproof and smudgeproof. Its called a painting liner because it can be used all over […]

5 totally weird lip stick colors to try

I’m away at the moment but I have left you with 5 completely off the wall lip colours to try – a greeny-yellow, and icy blue, a silver, a black and an apple green. Shu Uemura GR062s lipstick: No idea why I bought this, but I had a thing for green colours lately! This is a beautiful glossy lipstick which looks like a sickly yellow, and leaves a light, greeny gloss on the lips. Green […]

5 Orange Lip Glosses to try


There’s nothing I love more than juicy juicy oranges for the lips. It looks great with a tan, especially with a little sparkle. NYX Round Gloss in Apricot – I like these glosses a lot but they packaging is shiteous. Of the 12 NYX glosses I have HALF of them are damaged (the cap in the tube which stops too much product coming out comes loose). The gloss itself is nice though: Majex by Majolica […]

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