TK Maxx Finds – Random Bargains Chit Chat


I am absolutely, definitely a bargain hunter – I will seek out a good deal wherever possible, and I am so used to trawling the net for a discount code before I buy anything that I kinda feel cheated if I don’t find one prior to a purchase!  Well…why pay full price if you can get away with it?! I rarely go to TK Maxx because although I like a bargain I don’t like being […]

Little Beauty Temptations at the Till!


Has anyone noticed that more and more fashion stores are sticking little bits and bobs near the til area to tempt us? Top Shop, Forever 21, H&M etc all seem to do it.  I guess it makes sense, a bit like having the gum and chocolates by the till at the supermarket! I rarely shop in H&M – I just don’t find the quality very good, but they do some good little sales and homeware […]

Say what? Primark Concession in Selfridges Trafford Centre


Things I associate with Primark: 1. Cheap and cheerful stuff. 2. Horrible crowds of pushy chavs and women with buggies who push them into the back of your legs (I don’t do this I swear, my Bugaboo cost too much).  3. Massive queues all day, every day apart from ten minutes to closing time when the staff suddenly start working five times faster. Truth is I haven’t been to Primark for a long, long time […]

3am Superdrug Order! Free UK Shipping and 15% off Orders until Sunday!


It’s 3am and I am answering some emails, writing some bits and pieces.  I spotted an offer on Superdrug and decide to do what I’d call the boring beauty hauling – mouthwash, conditioner, lip balm, oh and some retro mascara! My order: There’s free UK Standard shipping with ALL orders, and use the code: EARLYXMAS11 for 15% off when you spend £10 up until Sunday so my total: £17.86. Not bad! That mouthwash can be […]

Online Shopping Dilemma: Is it ‘NEW’ or not?! Shopping with Vooboodoo


So before I start ranting again, I thought I’d ask you dear readers, what you think about a problem I’m having with an item I purchased recently. I purchased a facial toner/lotion, the Japanese liquid type from someone I have bought from before – Vooboodoo on eBay, the same person who runs  They tend to sell sample and tester products – they’re new but they may come marked as ‘tester’ or ‘sample’ but the […]

Enablers Guide: Where I buy Asian make up and some eBay seller recommendations.


I get asked this question all the time so it’s time to put it in a blog post! Where can I buy Japanese or Korean or Taiwanese make up? First of all eBay. I’ve bought a huge amount of Asian cosmetics from eBay over the years so I’ve probably bought from most of the prominent sellers on there! The biggest problems with buying cosmetics from eBay is: 1. Authenticity 2. Shipping Prices 3. General trustworthyness […]

Frugal Friday: What’s your make up spending habits?


Every beauty babe loves to haul. We all have different budgets and we all have different spending styles – one natural colour or 10 crazy ones from the same range? I have been embarking on the process of being…yes, frugal. Me? Frugal? I know. I really do love make up very much and I love seeing new products appear online so I can buy them. My hauling style is one in every colour. I tend […]

CCO Haul: MAC Eyeshadow, Ojon Hair Revitalizing Mist and Origins Gloomaway


I visited the CCO near me recently and bought a few bits and pieces – extremely random mind, but here goes! I bought Origins Gloomaway Gumballs – chewing gum but they taste of grapefruit and seriously don’t last for very long at all. When they dry up they go hard like fimo. Not sure if they are making me less grumpy but they taste good!

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