Be happy with the power of mineral! Integrate mineral Powder Foundation and Primer Review


I think I’ve mentioned before that my relationship with Integrate is so-so. Some of the products are excellent, some are below average. I was rather pleased to try out the Integrate Powder Foundation and Primer (both purchased from – my favourite online make up store in the world). It’s nice to see a Japanese store dabble in mineral make up! I find it so interesting that mineral make up seems so popular in the […]

Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation SPF 15 REVIEW!


There is one powder foundation that I love – its by Albion, but aside from that, they all crust up on me. Nice start to the review, eh? But if anyone can make a nice base, Shiseido can! This Smoothing Compact Foundation is powder based and can ONLY be used Dry. No spritzing your sponge with Evian! Now, this powder foundation is supposed to work even on dry and rough skin (like mine is at […]

Review: Integrate Liner Power Shadow & Aqua Rouge

Integrate is a affordable brand by Shiseido – its a really hit or miss brand for me though. I love their mascara but I find it hard to find anything else that really stands out from the range. Here is the visual from the latest collection: I bought two items from Adambeauty – a new quad and lipstick. I got the eyeshadow in BR700 (which is a very light fawn with pink) with two cream […]

My Current Dry Skincare Kit

It happened overnight. One day my skin was shiny like a…shiny thing, the next it was dry. And it got drier. And drier. Until it itched a lot and became red. Until people started asking me if I have eczema (I have a bit but not on my face). Oily skin I can live with. Dry skin I can’t. So the last few weeks I have had to change my skincare to hydrating products and […]

Review: Shiseido MAQUillage Perfect Lip Gloss from Alexander Wang

Shiseido’s MAQUillage range must make the most consistently stunning lipsticks and glosses, ever. It took me a while to get my paws on their newest gloss, the Perfect Lipgloss, because the exchange rate is so poor. In the end it cost me something like £16. The Perfect Lipgloss is supposed to be transfer resistant (hence the model is holding a disposable coffee cup….makes no sense, I know). Four of the shades are from the Alexander […]

Review: Shiseido Majolica Majorca Fairy Sadistic Perfect Automatic Eyeliners

Majolica Majorca’s Autumn 2009 collection, Fairy Sadistic *giggles* also has a set of new liquid eyeliners to match. Good. Previous Majolica Majorca liquid eyeliners have not been my cup of tea – too unpigmented, too watery. This new release consists of 7 shades of blackened eyeliners: I bought two, the GR604 Green and GD802 Gold. One day I’ll get rund to buying BL603 and RD605. Eye, eye! Read more after the jump!

Review: Shiseido Perfect Mascara is Conceited

Even if you’re not getting bored with my search for the perfect mascara, I certainly am. I must have about 35 mascaras now, all that I have bought with hard earned moolah, all with varying results, from: URGH! to MEH! to HMM to AWWW. I actually got a little sample size of Shiseido’s latest offering, Perfect Mascara thus saving myself money (Why didn’t I think of asking for samples from the counters before? Oh, because […]

Review: Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Make Up Remover

A good make up remover is hard to find, especially when you have eye make up like mine that has tight bionic grip. I had my eye on this Shiseido instant eye and lip make up remover for a while as it has a teat – yes, a teat, the squeeze the product out of! My price guess was about £13.50 and when I got to the till, it was £19.50. Urk. Call me old […]

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