Bought it for the freebie: Puresa Sheet Masks with Hello Kitty Gift!


I love sheet masks at the moment! I am using them about 3 – 4 times a month. I bought these Puresa ones because I noticed they had a very cute free gift on the front! By the way – the sheet mask itself if excellent! Some sheet masks make me itch and I didn’t have any problems with the Puresa – it just felt very hydrating and lovely. See the cute phone charm after […]

Haul & Review: My Beauty Diary Face Masks (Yoghurt for starter) Part 1


My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese beauty company that specialises in making sheet masks. Love that they specialise in one thing and do it well. The brand is already big in Asia and there are various reviews over the net. I personally am really careful with what face masks I use sheet or traditional clay/cream types as I am prone to allergic reactions. My favourite is probably Nars’ Mud Mask and I do prefer clay/drying […]

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