Baby’s (Traumatic) First Haidressing Experience at Antz in Your Pantz in Timperley, Manchester :(


UPDATE: 22/10/2013 Have now got much better responses from the company and hairdresser apologising for the whole debacle. I am finding the whole thing less of a horrible memory now and will just have to put it down to a unfortunate circumstances. UPDATE: 18/10/2013 I finally emailed the company to explain what happened and how upset we were by the whole thing. Someone called Laura responded with, “Unfortunately the hairdressers is a completely separate business […]

Wahanda launches online beauty services booking system!


I have phone phobia. I do. Maybe it’s because when someone speaks to me on the phone I worry that I wont have enough time to construct an intelligent answer. I am a written word kinda gal. I equally hate calling up places to make appointments because: a. The line is always engaged b. The person who answers is a dope and I need to keep repeating myself c. If I am at work I […]

Salon Review: The Best Facial Ever! at Perfect Skin London with Nataliya Robinson


I have mixed results when it comes to facials – not every single one suits me an I have had some treatments that have left with me burning red itchy skin for days, or ones that left me with little scars that have stayed for months.  Therefore I don’t always get that excited at the prospect of the treatment. That being said, I toddled along to North London a few weeks ago to see a […]

Slightly scary Fish Pedicure thanks to KGB Deals at Bliss Fish, Greenwich


‘I thought we were going to wake up missing a kidney’ said Mr C. No – we hadn’t just been lured by some hot prostitutes into some run down brothel in a third world country – we had just been to a ‘salon’ called Bliss Fish in Greenwich, Landan for a fish pedicure, courtesy of a KGB Deals. The victims? Me, Mr C and Megan, my cousin and star of YouTube. The price? £8 per […]

Are Beauty Treatments from discount sites like Groupon worth it?


Up until 18 months ago, I really wasn’t one for visiting the spa or indeed the beauty salon, just because it seem so expensive for an hours massage or a short treatment, but since I have tried some really blissful treatments, I am converted. Offer sites like Groupon, KGB Deals and Wahanda (there are plenty more out there) offer some brilliant discounts on beauty treatments for people who would otherwise find it too expensive. There […]

Cosmetics a la Carte Bespoke Colour Custom Foundation Service Review


See, I have this problem with getting exactly the right shade – I am sure many other ladies understand what I mean. Slightly too dark…slightly too light….slightly too yellow…slightly too pink…. My drawers are full of these almost-but-not-quite foundations. Some of my favourite foundations have gorgeous textures but don’t quite get it right colour-wise. A few weeks ago I popped down to Cosmetics a la Carte’s little boutique in Knightsbridge to get a custom foundation […]

Haircut & Colour at Cox Macmillian Hairdressers, Battersea


Every 8 weeks it’s time for a new do, and this time I was invited to try the services at Cox McMillan, Battersea branch for a cut and colour: The salon is near the Clapham Common tube stop (you need to catch a bus for a few minutes though to get there!) and inside is a informal but comfortable hairdressers. I didn’t have any idea what I wanted really. Obviously I asked you ladies a […]

Time for a Trim! Mufti Hairdressing Manchester Review


To be honest, I not longer have a go to hairdresser in my home town because I haven’t found anyone amazing to go back to. The last year I’ve been to London to get my hair and colour done. When I saw the Wahanda deal (Hair cut, conditioning treatment and blow dry) for just £17 for Mufti Hairdressers* I had to indulge! Mainly because the hairdressers is in a handy city centre location, the price […]

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