This Little Piggy: Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head Sugar Scrub Review


There’s nothing like a beauty product that fills you with confidence; so if you have the skin problem of ‘blackheads’ what can be nicer than using a range called ‘Pig-Nose Clear’. Ouch.  “Wow, your skin is looking great! What have you been using on it?” “Er….Pig-Nose” But you know what? I see this as an Asian mother thing. Asian (Chinese) mothers are very good at the appearance based put downs, so I think of Holika […]

Cutest Packaging Ever? Tony Moly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub


I keep finding more and more wacky skincare and make up packaging – very cute but not very practical but hey, who cares?! When I saw this Tony Moly Latte Art Cream in Scrub I had to try it because…well, it looks like this: Yep, that’s a face scrub, not a coffee, not a ornament. It’s a face scrub. It even has a spoon. The Tony Moly Latte Art range has 2 products, Cream in […]

Monster Mash, Pumpkin Scrub and Holy Water Body Butter; Enchanted Bath, Body & Waxworks Review


So I like my smelly bath stuff but I’m not looney into it like some – however, I was rather excited and giddy about these home made bath products made by Enchanted Bath, Body & Waxworks, a small UK company who make sugar scrubs, perfume oils, moisturisers and a plethora of bath goodies. I was sent a lunch box style Halloween box – had no idea what would be inside: I love the little touches […]

Sea Salt Scrub Ow Ow Ow: Lush Ocean Salt Review


A few weeks ago I bought some new skincare from Lush and it’s all been pretty well used so here are some speed reviews of the products! I don’t know what possessed me to buy Ocean Salt because it looks acidic, like it will burn through 50 layers of skin. Me = Sensitive skin. Nevertheless, I thought I’d give this 50% sea salt scrub a go because I’m a glutton for punishment. A mixture of […]

Good Stuff Rich Acai Berry & Dead Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Scrub


My biggest problem with body scrubs is that they are either too scrubby or too gentle. I always want something inbetween – hydrating but also able to give me brighter skin. I was sent this Good Stuff Organics Acai Berry and Dead Sea Salt Scrub to try. I’ve never heard of Good Stuff Organics before – their products are free of parabens, suflates and synthetic dyes. They say this product will: * Purify & exfoliate. […]

Where have you been all my life? Scrublet / Facial Massage Pads


The other day I asked you to Guess what it is…well here it is (most of you guessed it!)… Its a Scrublet/Massage Pad! I bought two of these (it makes it easier to use – rub them both together to foam up and makes the cleansing process quicker). Here is the pad itself. Its shaped with a point for the pesky bits like the corner of the nose and has a handle at the back: […]

Review: Wild Organics Marshmallow Butter Sugar Scrub

Ever since I went to the spa I have have been more interested in body care goodies, especially scrubby, oily, salty, creamy concoctions. Now – I do like scrubs but I have been looking for the one. I find a lot of them quite harsh (especially when there’s just chunks of sugar or salt in them. I’ve tried one that was just like rock salt. Ouch.) I was sent this Wild Organics Marshmallow Sugar Scrub […]

Sunday Giveaway: Purity Organic Face Scrub

Its 10 days of giveaways girls, as I attempt to hand out some booty and free up some space for that pony I’ve been saving up for! International readers welcome and you may enter as many giveaways as you like. Also look out for our 10 day Sleek palette giveaway running til the 20th November! All winners announced on the 23rd November. The Prize: Purity Organics is a relatively new brand with its products made […]

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