Screw You!: get’s it wrong, again


I will soon run out of vitriol and get back to the make up stuff, but first I am to moan about Additions is an online catalogue store that sells all the usual stuff, clothes, shoes, kitchen and household goods. Whenever I order something substantial they screw it up. The first time I ordered a £50 rice cooker. Within a week, the baby refused to turn on. I tried and tried, changed the fuse […]

Screw you!: Dodgy Royal Mail


It ain’t like this anymore As if it’s not bad enough with the crappy exchange rate – 1 GBP = 1.47793 USD, people!!!  I’m getting screwed over by Royal Mail too! Five lost parcels in 2 months.  From Thailand, Hong Kong, the US, Japan and Blighty. Either I am just cursed, or someone at Royal Mail has exquisite taste in Japanese cosmetics. Whilst I think that it’s inevitable that sometimes things will get lost, I […]

Screw You! : Cafe Rouge Yuk


I’ve been to Cafe Rouge about 4 times and everytime either the service has been very very slow or the food has been poor. Every year I give people another chance. So I went to Cafe Rouge for dinner tonight – I went for luxury. I had a 10oz Steak at a rather pricey £16 and peppercorn source £2. Yes!!!! A drizzle of sauce cost £2. Anyway. Boyf had the same. Medium I asked for […]

Screw You!: Crap Customer Service at


Do not shop with these crooks! I bought a Babyliss large 38mm curler 7 days ago and nada, nothing. I am sick to death of people selling things that don’t exist, or that they don’t actually have in stock. Here’s a clue for you. When you are selling something, make sure you have it in your little stock room. If you don’t, you use this: OUT OF STOCK You see? If you don’t have it, […]

Screw you! : Crap Service Top Shop Online


Top Shop has now taken over ASOS on the top of my crap online clothes shops. I’ve not shopped in Top Shop for YEARS. Because although they do have some nice things, I find it horrible overpriced, when infact it’s quite similar to Primark, and there’s something about the store layout and 15 year old Amy Winehouse-wannabe shopping assistants I don’t like. £60 for some Topshop Jeans? I don’t think so. Anyway. I bought some […]

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