Stupid, stupid people., who I spent a fair few yen with have gone down down down in my estimations. They sold me a Korres scalp scrub which is OUT OF DATE: £16. Not cheap, right? I was kind of going to leave it, but on principle, why should I? So I emailed them politely, asking if they could change it, even though selling out of date goods as fresh and new is probably illegal. […]

Screw You!: Salon


I made a medium, albeit expensive haul from a few weeks back – some face mask, some new tweezers, random bit of crap that somehow added up to a small fortune. I was about to use the Korres Scalp Scrub today and… I don’t normally check expiry dates but… 05/08? I do believe we are in 01/2009! Emailed them 2 days ago and no response as of yet. I could of course, keep on […]

Screw You!: Space NK, still rubbish


I had an itch, an itch that could only be solved by buying Nars Flaming Dust lipstick – alas, I was far too wet and lazy to dash across to Selfridges so silly me, I went into Space NK. I already moaned about their rubbish service, and they still are, rubbish. Maybe it was because I splodged in with my big ugly round toed boots and padded coat with a missing button onto their lovely […]

Screw You: The National Lottery Alerts


Tut. You wake up on a Sunday Morning groggy. You had an argument with the other half the night before because he was being a selfish pig, and as a protest you stayed up till 7am. When you wake up you instinctively check your Blackberry to see what messages you got. You see this: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I won. I won. I finally won. Since I am still in […]

Screw You!: Orange Customer Service & Policies


Why are companies with the word Orange in them so rubbish?! (I had previously complained about my ex-web hosts, A Small Orange – amazingly enough the post seems to have disappeared?!) But back to Orange, the UK Phone network. Orange is one of the biggest networks in the UK, which is strange because they are quite hitler-eque in the way they run their company. They ALWAYS block their phones. O2 and Vodaphone do not – […]

Screw You!: Traffic Wardens


This is Miss Jocelyn, not a real traffic warden. So today when my other half picked me up from work, we had a quick chat as there was something I had to sort out..10 seconds tops. Comes along a hatchet faced demon, yes, a traffic warden – tiny thing, resembled hitler, had terrible skin. YOU CAN’T PARK HERE! She says agressively. Actually, what I wanted to say, was this parking bay has been reserved for […]

Screw You!: Home Delivery Network


Generally speaking, most couriers are utterly useless.  It doesn’t take much, like, a doorbell, to put them off delivering an item to you.  There are some exceptions – Fedex seem to do what they say and UPS generally speaking. Parcelforce, Home Delivery Network, Citylink, DHL, Amtrak etc. etc. I’ve had them all and they are all pretty crappy. Anyway I was waiting for a parcel, with Home Delivery Network (once abysmal, got a bit better […]

Mini Screw You: Aveda


So off I went to Aveda today to pick up my Birthday freebie. Aveda have a special offer, if you join their club you get a card, which offers rewards the more you spend, and a freebie on your birthday. Last year I got a purfume which was oily and was not much of a scent. This year I got there and the girl tried to push the shower gel on me. “Seriously, the shower […]

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