Complaint Email Time: Cadburys Fruit & No Nut

(For my regulars, they will know I am a bit of a complaint letter pro. I don’t do it just because, I only do it if I feel quite strongly that the HQ should know about poor service/staff. Anyway….) So, about…oooh, half an hour ago, I got the chocolate craving, so Mr Candy went out to get me a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar for me – alas….there were barely any nuts in mine and […]

Screw You! Beauty Salon Horror

I’m not the sort to go to the salon for many things. I don’t do spray on tans or sunbeds, I don’t have time for massages and I’m not particularly…hairy, and the hair I have keeps me warm, thanks. But I do like to go for a lash perm occasionally, and a threading session. God knows why because the last time I was threaded it hurt so bad, the tears were flowing. So off I […]

Boo Boo of the week:


UPDATE: ** PROBLEM SORTED REFUND GIVEN ** All has been solved so I’ll say they are quite an honourable company to buy from. The only thing that they should change is the fact that the reuturn cost of a damaged item comes from the customer. So I made an order the end of last week for this cherry scented lip gloss/balm fro for £8.49. Generally I have no issues with them, they are fast […]

Screw You! ASOS never fail to be crap! and eBay are Ok!


Dear Diary, For some reason, I have written various Screw You! posts about online shopping clothes store As Seen On Screen or ASOS. I’ve shopped with them for a long time now, must be coming up to 7 years but they have disappointed me so much over the last few, in terms of quality, customer service etc. etc. etc. But still I get suckered in – they sure do have a pretty (well not so […]

Screw You!: Nirvana Natural Shampoo Review


UPDATED 06/FEB/2013: Luca from Nirvana Naturals got in touch with me on the 29th January 2013, almost 4 years after this post was put up…my final line was “I am going to email them and ask for a refund, let’s see what happens” Luca wanted to point out that they went through the payment records and I was issued a refund, although in the below post at the time of writing I had not been. […]

Screw You!: Chemist Direct UK


UPDATE: Cancelled order – couldn’t wait any longer, will pop down to Boots instead. They didn’t care of course and offered no explanation why an order that was supposed to dispatched in 24-48 hours was still ‘processing’ after 10 days. If they had only said something, like X item is out of stock, or X will be due back in on X day, I could have lived with it. Very unprofessional. Also now I have […]

Super Screw You: Office Shoes are crap!

Ok so I was ranting about Office Shoes a few days ago – well surprise, surprise – I got some emails through: That’s right folks! NONE of the shoes I ordered are in stock – yet they are STILL advertised as in stock on the website. This makes Office Shoes Complete and Utter Crap Crap Crap Douchebags!!!!! Shall I bother emailing the CS? No doubt I will get a generic ‘we don’t have to have […]

Screw You! Office Shoes


Office Shoes makes – er, shoes, medium to high price range (well, it is the credit crunch). Occasionally the have some real monstrosities, demonstrated here: *If you own any of these shoes, don’t send me hate mail, just because you like wacky footware. Anyway – I have had problems with Office online before. They normally have the sale shoes on there, and in the past I have made an order with them, waiting 12 days, […]

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