Screw You No.3! Royal Mail and the case of missing International Parcels


No, I’m not done with Screw Yous! It’s out old favourite up now, Royal Mail. Royal Mail, generally, go a good job. In fact, until recently a lot parcel was rare but in the last few months, I’ve been getting more post, and the ratio of ‘lost stuff’ has gone soaring up the roof. Press samples, inevitably, go walkies – sometimes I let it go, sometimes if it something I have been dying to test […]

Screw You No.2! Review and Kiss Airways Disaster


My friend, who I will call Cautious Peggy, is always telling me that I am too whimsical with my choices in life and I say to her, shut it Peggy, I am a free sprit. But I should’ve listened to her when she told me that booking holidays with lesser heard of travel agents. But it wasn’t my fault! We listened some guy who works with Mr C’s who we shall call Norman and booked […]

Screw You No.1: eBay Shop Solewish and the hazards of buying shoes on eBay


I never learn – shoes are awkward things to buy at the best of times but I can’t help but be tempted by a pair or two. At least when you buy from a major catalogue site like ASOS or La Redoute you get free returns! Alas this is rarely the case on eBay. I bought a pair of boots from a seller called Solewish – they seemed like a big reputable seller and to […]

*UPDATED* Screw You! I hate Paypal so so so so so so much & Paypal are fraudsters who hold your money for 180 days!


Another day, another rant. This time Paypal is under the radar! ** I have just heard from Paypal. They have refused to release the money to me OR to the sellers and will hold the funds for 180 days. Let me repeat that. They will hold this money for 180 days – that’s SIX months. We can count, Paypal. Saying 180 days doesn’t lessen the blow. What I don’t get is, we are just asking […]

Screw You!: Skin Deep Beauty Salon, Manchester and bad, bad customer service


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Screw You! post… Well, here it is. This one is dedicated to Skin Deep, a beauty salon based in Didsbury, Manchester. I got the £2 for £20 worth of treatments for Skin Deep, via Wahanda on the 19th July. So for a week after the voucher arrived in my mailbox, I tried calling the salon a few times. The first few times the line just rang and […]

Bad Customer Service: Pak Cosmetics and the case of the solid face mask


A week or two ago, I purchased a number of items from Pak Cosmetics online, which sells all kinds of Afro Hair Care/Extension/Weave/Make Up products (they just sell a ton of stuff basically). I was all excited and rather impressed to begin with…everything seemed great, they even called me up on a Sunday to tell me something was out of stock and to pick an alternative. Then the order arrived. A few old looking jars […]

Screw You!: Don’t use Fastway Couriers, they’re really really crap


Let me get this out before I have my dinner or I’ll have indigestion. So after loads and loads of trouble, I managed to find a business card company would would print some cards for me on the day and ship them out within 24 hours. I had to do a lot of research, make a lot of calls because not many companies will print that quickly for you. Basically I have an event on […]

Still Annoying: Messy Superdrug Counters


I have talked many times before about the messy state of Superdrug stands and also here. That was a long time ago. I do shop in Superdrug, not because the prices are better than Boots (although they can be, I’d rather collect the points) but for brands like Sleek, Bloom and GOSH who are exclusive to Superdrug. What a shame then, that they just cannot keep their counters clean and tidy, as well as stocked. […]

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