Scott Barnes About Face: Celebrity Make Up Techniques Book Review


There are a few things that I love to buy, things that that I will plonk down cash for and you certainly don’t need to ask me twice which include: 1. Make Up 2. Handbags 3. Books 4. Smoked Bacon Needless to say combine No. 1 Make Up with No. 3 Books = ImusthaveitandImusthaveitNOW! Scott! I have about 35 make up books from all around the world. It doesn’t matter if I don’t understand it, […]

Stash: Scott Barnes Collection Lipstick, Lip Liners and Slicks


Now we are going to look at my little lip collection from Scott Barnes. I have two of the lip liners, two flossy glossy’s (lip glosses) and three lip slicks that are in pots. Let’s start with the lip slicks! These are medium thick textured, pigmented lip glosses with a rich gloss effect. I LOVE these. Instant sex bomb. I don’t like and have never liked lip products in a pot though – not very […]

Stash: Scott Barnes Make Up Collection – Eyeshadows


Good Morning Girls, What a week its been! I can’t believe I am only in week 2 of a New Year and have had so much unfortunate luck already. Nevertheless, I am optimistic – after all we are incredibly fortunate to be here and we should spread some love to the people of Haiti. And on that happy note, I thought I’d do a stash focus post today on Scott Barnes. Scott is well known […]

Haul & Swatches: Scott Barnes Loose Powder

I picked up some of the Scott Barnes loose powders from StrawberryNet for about £10 each (annoyingly enough, they were all reduced this week – D’oh!). I picked up 3 that I thought would be useful – Translucent, 24k (a bronze) and Diamond Dust (a shimmery beige type powder). Here is the Scott Barnes Loose Powder in translucent: It looks a bit whitish, but once its brushed away it leaves a pretty even finish that […]

Collection & Swatches: Scott Barnes Royal Eye Ice Loose Pigment Eyeshadows

So I went through a phase of deciding I had to have lots and lots of things from the Scott Barnes collection so I picked up several of these Eye Ice pigments too from StrawberryNet. These loose pigment eyeshadows come in a number of jewel tones. Like with all loose pigment eyeshadows, one needs to take more time with application, and needs to be careful incase of fall out. Each of the shadows come in […]

Want J.Lo Glow? Scott Barnes Body Bling Moisturizing Shimmering Lotion

To be honest, I’m not one for fake tan, and I’m not one for all over shimmery body lotions but I do have a thing for Scott Barnes and decided to pick up one of his Body Bling Lotions when it was listed on eBay. This is the Body Bling in its newest form, which is a squeezy tube, in Platinum for cooler/pale skintones and Original, which is for darker/warm skintones: They Say: Body Bling […]

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