Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria Eau Du Toilette Perfume & How to get a sample!


When someone says Victorinox the first thing you think of is Swiss army knives, right? I purchased one for Mr C once, and he still uses it all the time now for various tasks…you never know when you’ll need something sharp! I was surprised to find out that the brand also has a range of fragrances.  Victoria Eau Du Toilette is; Swiss Army Victoria expresses the personality of a modern woman, endowed with an innate sense […]

Do you ask for skincare samples? I did!


Now, I have a really bad habit of buying full size skincare products on the whim…very bad habit because inevitably it doesn’t quite suit me and it ends up in a drawer somewhere. So I decided recently that I needed some new skincare for my super sensitive skin and I ended up on a Kiehl’s counter where a super lovely SA recommended some products.  I decided to be SENSIBLE and ask for samples, luckily the […]

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